5,000 years of religion in 90 seconds

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Anyone else getting de_dust flashbacks?IMAGE(http://img184.imageshack.us/img184/1189/untitled3zg1.jpg)

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But it looks to me like the whole the whole building is on fire. With the bright light of flames coming out of the windows and the smoke billowing from the windows.

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Gonna be some radical attacks on this website.
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It is very interesting (to see it visually) the spread of each type of major religion.

Unfortunately, many radical Islamic followers (at least the ones that I have studied or have known people who have interrogated/interviewed) believe that much of their hatred towards Christianity is due to the Crusades. I'm not excusing the Crusades (it was a very dark time in Christian history) but there were many battles and massacres initiated by the muslims towards Christian and other faiths 400-500 years prior to the Crusades (which started around 1100AD).

The non-radical and educated (or pure faith) Islamic people are very very interesting. In today's world we believe what we see on the TV, and almost everything we see in regards to Islam are radical people blowing themselves up. Pure Muslim faith is actually very powerful and almost beautiful... and its AMAZING to find out how similar Judaism, Christrianity and Islam really are to each other (dont say that in a crowded room of either of these faiths).

But I have to admit, I am NOT a history expert in any sense (and I could be very wrong with my statements... but they are from my perspective with my education) the problem is that not many people are and the most dangerous ones are definitely not.

Now, who is to say that the history we know is absolute (its different all over the world). But a visual representation of how things "went by our perspective" will not be taken objectively by those that use faith as history (and I'm not singling any specific religion out).

Anyway, cool link!


Well it seems to show that the Enlightenment really didn't affect the influence of Christianity, but rather the quality of life of its followers.

I would argue that the Enlightenment pretty much finished the job that Cromwell started, by removing the philosophical underpinnings of Divine Right.

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Well it seems to show that the Enlightenment really didn't affect the influence of Christianity, but rather the quality of life of its followers.

I wasn't aware that the Enlightenment was supposed to have much to do with the spreading of Christianity.

Nice thread. Don't know why it took me so long to find it.

The vid's been around for a little while. Seems like it's been used to start a lot of thoughtless threads. I'm glad the Goodjers are adult enough to overcome that.

I forgot to touch on Spain. Look up history of Al Andaluz, which was the name of the moslem kingdom roughly where modern Spain is. Fascinating stuff. It's hard to think all the stereotypes of Islam are true when you compare that to what, say, England was looking like at the time.

...Though my proud Polish and Norse blood is quite happy with the sacking and pillaging lifestyle!

A wise friend of mine said once that all religions are like fingers pointing at more or less the same place. Instead of looking where they point, we argue incessantly about the meaning of the hangnails.

Islam of the middle ages was a remarkable religion in many ways. It was tolerant and very advanced, technologically. The current conservative Islam that so dominates the news is a weird anomaly, one that doesn't fit very well with a lot of its followers. It's like they got 'younger'.

Young religions tend to be dangerous, it's the old ones that tend to settle and get more safe. But it appears easily possible for the old malignancies to resurface. Both Al Qaeda and the Jewish occupation of Palestine come to mind. I can't think of any equivalent Christian atrocities of late... at present, we seem to have mostly small-time evildoers in that sect, like Falwell, and (the now-deposed) Jim Baker, and a whole lotta small-time pedophiles.

I think perhaps our belief in the separation of church and state is what keeps Christianity from getting too nasty. Mixing religion with guns seems to inevitably be a very bad idea.

Edit to add: the Iraq invasion certainly counts as an atrocity, but I think that's a resource war, not Christianity.

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A wise friend of mine said once ...

I linked this to a good friend of mine and he said it looked like virus's spreading.


By the way, Edwin, Subway owes you a dollar. Your subtle product placement influenced my lunch decision today.