FFL Week 16

Week 16 - GWJ Fantasy Football Extreme
Championship Final
1. Grump's Chumps - Tomlinson(RB*), Parker(RB)
3. Leap's Peeps - Palmer(QB), Wayne(WR), Driver(WR), Jackson(RB), Kaeding(K*), Baltimore(D)

3rd Place Game
2. Minaseans - Rivers(QB), Barber(RB)
4. trowan's BrownStains - A. Johnson(WR*), Gore(RB*), Gould(K*)

5th Place Game
5. Certs Fresh - Harrison(WR), Johnson(RB), Gates(TE*)
7. *Legion*s 9 Toenails - Manning(QB*), Holt(WR*)

7th Place Game
6. Elliottx Entenmanns - Brees(QB*), Romo(QB), C. Johnson(WR*), Gonzales(TE)
8. Karma's Wobbly Boot - Bulger(QB), Smith(WR*), Shockey(TE), Chicago(D), Denver(D)

9. Gaald's Phantom Pack - Crumpler(TE*)
10. Bagga's Titz - Boldin(WR)
*Pro Bowl Starter

Good luck this week Grump!

LeapingGnome wrote:

Good luck this week Grump! :)

That's not what you said over on the Yahoo! site.

Congrats on making it to the big game and good luck.

Wow, neither Driver or Green is looking good in this game. I think you'll take the championship Grump, I needed all my guys to perform to pull it out. Guess we'll see on Sunday.

Heh, seemed like a crappy game for them, but I checked the stats and they actually ended up scoring 28 points total. Not bad considering no touchdowns. I'm just glad I didn't start Favre, I considered it since the Vikings were at the bottom of the league in pass defense.

I almost picked up MIN DEF instead of KC.

Over to the senior circuit...I'll just publicly wish Highlander good luck this weekend...(but not TOO good of luck )

Well that'll do it. Congrats Leap. I can at least console myself with the fact that I just about put my best team on the field. There's nothing I can do when Tomlinson (a Chump) doesn't see the end zone and S. Jackson (a Peep) blows up for 42. Chump's lineup: 101. Optimal lineup: 108. Leap's score (with one still to play tomorrow night): 122.

Well of course Certis' team spikes upwards this week, a fitting end to this season.

I did, mercifully, win the championship in my money league, which will help bolster the HDTV fund.

Spanking Legion one last time makes a satisfying end to a nasty mid-season slump. I was 3rd in points and won my last five games or so. Good enough!

Merry Christmas Legion, maybe you'll beat me next year


"Suck my balls, Kyle"

Congrats everyone on a fun season! Thanks Grump. It looks like your RBs let you down, while my receivers stunk it up. Luckily the other guys pulled their weight so I was able to come through for the win with a relatively low 124 points - is the 101 you got your season low?

LeapingGnome wrote:

is the 101 you got your season low?

Not a season low but my lowest score in a loss.
My previous lowest losing score was 102 in a week 3 loss... to you.
...98 in week 7 and a season low 97 in week 5 but both of those were victories.

[size=14]GWJ Fantasy Football Extreme Final Final Results[/size]


(3) Leap's Peeps

Leap's Peeps 124
Grump's Chumps 101

(1) Grump's Chumps


(2) Minaseans

Minaseans 100
trowan's BrownStains 100

(4) trowan's BrownStains


(5) Certs Fresh

Certs Fresh 144
*Legion*s 9 Toenails 104

(7) *Legion*s 9 Toenails


(8) Karma's Wobbly Boot

Karma's Wobbly Boot 73
Elliottx Entenmanns 64

(6) Elliottx Entenmanns


(9) Gaald's Phantom Pack

(10) Bagga's Titz

Interesting that the number 1 pick in the draft finished last (Bagga via autopicker) and the last pick in the draft finished first (me). Makes me feel good!

I am just glad this year of Fantasy Football is over. I had no luck at all, in both my pools.

LeapingGnome wrote:

Interesting that the number 1 pick in the draft finished last (Bagga via autopicker) and the last pick in the draft finished first (me). Makes me feel good! :P

There is a school of thought that says that having 2 of the top 11 picks is better than having the #1.