(CNN) Lines, anger, police ... A Wii story

shihonage wrote:

I would expect your average gamer to be more civilized.

Pretty sure these weren't gamers. I didn't read any quotes like "OMG n00b haX0r!!" or "WTF Spl017z!!!1"

I drove by Target late Saturday night to see if they were still open, it was about 11:30. There was a big long line of people camped out outside, at least 20 people. They had chairs, blankets, etc... I was like what the heck is going on? Then I found out they were putting more Wiis up on Sunday. 20+ people were waiting for them ALL NIGHT. This is at a suburban Target in Louisville. And this is the 3rd or 4th Wii shipment? I haven't seen that dedication for any other console, well, ever.

This is like the 8th shipment really.

I think if I woke up early for the 6th, 7th, or 8th time and didn't get one, I would be crying too.

I practically had one handed to me (to purchase). Back in I guess July I was at the nearby Game Crazy and asked when they would be taking pre-orders for the Wii. He said they were taking down names and numbers and they would call people once they were taking pre-orders and they knew what their allocation would be. I put my name down since it just in case I decided to get one. I never heard from them so I assumed the list was lost or something. I'm not ready to get a Wii just yet so I didn't think about it. A couple of days ago they called me and said my Wii was in. When I told them I wasn't expecting one because I never officially preordered he said something about having problems with the preordering and it not really ever happening. It didn't make anything any more clear but since my brother has been trying to find on with no luck whatsoever I gave him a call and he went and picked it up.

No lines, no fighting, no hassle. Just a quick in an out purchase like getting a console should be. So strange that a normal purchase is an out of the ordinary console story...