Post a picture of your pet!

Crap. I'm sorry Q-Stone and Yellek.

sorry guys. That's really sad.

I'm so sorry to hear that Q!

Tiny kitty Spider

Box cat

Jewelry assistant

Content Spider

We'll miss you sweet boy.

Sorry to hear that about Spider. My family's cat of ~14 years encountered Kidney failure in early 2012 and we had to put him down. It's hard to admit that it's almost been two years but it still gets to me to think of it. I trust he had a happy kitty life and was very comfortable and loved during his last days.

Many, many hugs to Quintin and Yelleck. Aww, those pics of Spider... Heart wrenching.
And yeah, S0lidarity, I know exactly what you mean. We had to put down my cat of 13 years back in 2011 because of really advanced lymphoma. Still brings tears to my eyes after all this time.

Sorry guys, that blows.

Sorry to hear that. Good thoughts for you two.

My condolences. You gave him a good home.

Sorry for your loss Quintin and Yelleck. I think a lot of us have been there in the past and it is always hard.

Our Moose was only 6 when we had to say goodbye due to kidney failure back in 2010. We figured a orange tabby barn cat would wind up living forever.

Damn I miss that little sh*t.

My condolences Yellek and Q

Sorry Quintin and Yellek. I recall petting Spider on your stairs. He was a sweetie.

Sorry to hear that guys. Kidney issues suck.

My fabulous furball is battling the same thing. She's 18!
We have been doing the subcutaneous fluids for a couple years now and I know I am just borrowing time by doing that. She's still active and jumps! on the sofa but I see her get tired quicker than she used to. I know I am going to have to face that heartbreaking point when we realize her quality of life isn't there anymore and make that final vet trip. I will be a basket case then and looking for your emotional support too. Until then, I play with her each day to be make sure we enjoy whatever time she has left. Could be years... could be tomorrow...

I would have happily done subcutaneous fluids, but this came on just so suddenly, it wasn't a matter of his kidneys failing, it was that they had failed completely and it just blindsided us.

We had the exact same situation with our cat a few years ago and then our dog right before the girls were born.

So sorry, QS and Yellek.

Sucks That's exactly what happened to Moose. One day he's running around, the next he's curled up on the kitchen floor, barely moving.

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Little girl decided that the cat tree was for her and not the cats. Phantom was not to happy about it.

Caption: Hey, look everyone! I'm a cat! Meow, meow, meow!

I couldn't see goman's pup inline so I rehosted it.


Totes adorbs.

This is what we are picking up on Saturday...


Here is the thread on our new adventure...

BadKen wrote:

I couldn't see goman's pup inline so I rehosted it.


Totes adorbs.

I finally figured it out. Never used flickr before.

She is adorable.

Well it's been over 3 months since we lost Little. Tomorrow would have been her 5th birthday. After several trips to different shelters and gnashing over whether we were ready or not... today we met Blueberry.


He has a similar tuxedo pattern to Rascal, but with grey/stripes everywhere else instead of solid grey.

He's 1 year old this month (birthday unknown), so we'll probably just let him share Rascal's birthday. Tomorrow he gets a home and Rascal gets a new brother.

Picking him up after work, as we weren't entirely ready for a new cat with a segregated space yet. Got another litter box and doing a lot of apartment cleaning tonight, and then tomorrow, new kitty!

I'm sure this week will be hectic, emotional, and crazy all around. But we think it's time. Rascal has been quite lonely when we're at work and needs a playmate. And this new boy climbed up in my lap and took a nap at the shelter today. Hard to resist bringing him home after that.

Now... suggestions for a name? Because Blueberry is not sticking. :p

Stele wrote:

Now... suggestions for a name? Because Blueberry is not sticking. :p

Heavy Weapons Kitty

Judging by that cat smirk you may as well just go with... "Trouble"
(Or that can be his middle name?)

Stele wrote:

Now... suggestions for a name? Because Blueberry is not sticking. :p

Well, if he's not quite a blueberry, then how about:

Violent Beauregard

You could call him Beauregard for short.

He's a handsome cat. Welcome to the Goodjer pet family

Ok. Blue (temporary/transitional name) is home. Heard him meow for the first time in the car.

Separate rooms for now. Lots of door sniffing going on.

Got a hilarious cat nip video I will have to upload soon.

Pictures coming later. Just typing this while Blue is asleep at my feet, with his legs draped over mine. So cute. Pics of that in a bit too.

Ok, uploaded from phone. See if this works...

Ollie and his sea turtle, his favorite stuffed animal

Other than his pillow pet.

And a few quick ones:


Sleepy kitty.


Yes his lips are multicolored.


Climbing the tree for the first time.