Post a picture of your pet!

Roscoe turns 8 this month (I think. I don't know his exact birthday.)

Striking a pose

Being ornery

Well after nearly 14 years, my first pet is gone. Rascal, you will be missed.





Hopefully he's playing with his sister again now.


Sorry Stele. It is rough to go through but remember the love.

So sorry, Stele.

Found the post we adopted Rascal

Some good memories.

Thanks everybody. We really should get 3-day bereavement leave for pets. This is harder than losing some relatives has been. In your life and house every day for almost 14 years. Everything feels weird right now.

At least Hobbes is being extra cuddly. He doesn't seem distressed, just snuggly. Probably because they often slept snuggled together, now he's lying on us instead.

So sorry, Stele. Losing a pet is the worst.

Also, keep an eye on Hobbes. When my first cat passed, my second cat eventually became so distraught he stopped eating, and we had to put him on antidepressants for the last year of his life.

So so sorry, Stele. It will hurt for a long time. The great memories help.


Man, that sucks Stele. I am very sorry.

You have my condolences, Stele.

Stele wrote:

This is harder than losing some relatives has been.

You most definitely are not alone here.

The only thing I would change about that comment is to add friends. Otherwise, it's exactly how I felt when I lost my previous furry monster.

Here is a picture. There's a cat in it. Can you spot the cat? (It's my cat Rowena by the way).


Let's zoom in, but be careful.


Oh sh*t. She spotted you.


Your cat kinda looks like Hitler. A cute, fluffer Hitler, but still Hitler.



The guys, looking out the window:


A couple of action shots:



Yeah, they are a handful.

(All pictures by my wife.)

What a motley crew you have there!

Haha. For real!

Those are some great action shots. It's hard enough for me to get a good action shot of my one dog, so to get all 4 dogs looking good is incredible.

I hear you, Tscott --it is hard! My wife is just very patient, and not only with the dogs.

Harley, our Italian Greyhound derping at us.