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Sorry to hear Goo

So sorry to hear that, Goo.

Sorry for your loss Goo. My dog Gizmo is over 15, and half the weight he was at his healthiest. He is nothing but skin and bones and sleeps a lot, but still eats and drinks. I don't know how much longer we have with him. He has really deteriorated since his buddy Meena passed last fall

Sorry Goo

Thanks everyone. Daisys health hasn't been great for a couple years now so it's sadness tinged with relief to some extent. Very different to Banjo who seemed like she was going to go on forever but one day just stopped. Still going to be rawe for a bit though, she was a wonderful little dog.

But.. We will probably have a new dog very soon. Ideally would give it a little time but my missus is off on a 5 month road trip at the end of May so we want to get something and give her a chance to bond with it before she leaves. We have made plans around adopting a retired racing greyhound so will start that journey soon.

Sorry for your loss Goo. It always hurts to lose a friend.

I'm so sorry for your loss, Goo. But, I'm gladdened by your willingness to open your heart to another dog in need so soon. ((hugs))

Ah it's more necessity to do it quickly due to circumstances rather than anything else. Given Daisy clearly wasn't all that well for a while it did afford us the opportunity to make some plans we could get onto fast if needed.

Additionally it actually feels like we haven't 'had a dog' in some respects for quite some time as Daisy wasn't able to be taken for walks or do a lot of other 'dog stuff. She was comfortable and happy, but limited because of her vision issues.

Thank you though Sillyrabbit - that was a very kind comment.

I understand. I've got older dogs and I hope when the time comes I'll be able to open my heart and save another life. I understand how hard it is, how hard it will be. Wishing you all the best!!

Oh Goo, I’m so sorry about Daisy.



This is Willow! We adopted her today. We decided we were ready for a third cat and Willow immediately connected with me. After some bonding in the cat room, I decided she was definitely the one! She was a little bit playful, but always with limits -- she'd jump on something, but strut back for a pat and gentle headbutt.

She's currently very excited about the new house. She's sniffing around everywhere, and she's being very brave (or very silly) around our other cats. Despite their brief hissing, she's licking their noses and sniffing their tails frequently.


My wife keeps saying we can't have more cats than people but I keep seeing shelter cats that I want to bring home for a 3rd.


So we drove up to the Greyhound rehoming guys about an hour out of Sydney on Friday and came back with this 4 y/o long doggo - She was named 'Bella' by the adoption place but it's kinda a placeholder name that she doesn't really respond to - her registered racing name was 'Uno Cindy Lou' (although she never raced she was registered) so we have decided on Cindy for her, just need her to learn it now.

She's been really good so far, she's just chilling most of the time, totally OK with TV, even some power tools, vacuums etc even though she's spent most of her time just out on a property with other dogs. The rehoming people do great work with them obviously, it's been such a smooth transition. We left her alone today for the first time and she just went to bed and slept.

Her maternal grandfather was a gun racedog named 'Pure Octane'- won 'Australian Greyhound of the year' in 2005. Looking at his breeding history safe to say Cindy has a lot of cousins. He made someone very rich, couple hundred grand in prizemoney, then looks like hundreds of litters as a stud.

Been a fun, but emotional few days doing this so soon after Daisys passing but it's given us something to work on together which has been good.

Now.. off to fit a new doggie door.. this one isn't going through a fox terrier size hole..




Wow beautiful. Good to hear she's adapting well.

Cindy looks really sweet. Congratulations!

And congrats to A Uni and Willow. She's adorable!

Goo, condolences on Daisy. We lost a precious kitty named Daisy years ago who went before her time.


Anubis may or may not be in a "holiday" tree in April catching some rays.

What can I say? He loves the thing. Until I can build him a substitute we'll just keep renaming the tree. This month it's a Spring tree.

Here is Roscoe looking majestic. Sort of.


Chip and Dale in the yard. Six months after adopting them, I finally got a half-decent picture of one of Chip's most adorable behaviors. Like many dogs, he likes to mark as high as he can, so he lifts his leg as high as he can. He figured out that he can lift his leg even higher if he lifts the leg on the other side, so he ends up peeing doing a hand stand. He hasn't figured out that this results in him peeing straight down, and it's so adorable that we certainly aren't going to tell him.

Say hi to Loki. We wanted a cat to keep the cat we adopted last year (Sydney) company, so we adopted this little guy this weekend.





Yeah. That last picture broke my heart. He was so adorable tucked in between two pillows. He's so tiny right now. I'm hoping the introduction with Sydney isn't too stressful for him. We adopted him when she was still within 1 year old so we're hoping this will all work out.

Biggest thing for us was doing the introduction, Jackson Galaxy style, of the cats.

New cat in the bathroom or a bedroom, and feeding them at the door so they get used to good smells. Then trading positions for a while every day. And after another day or so maybe feeding with a baby gate or screen between them so they see each other through the door, etc.

Gets them used to smells and the environment. Worked great.

That's roughly the plan. I just mean that he's so small that it worries me a little.

So far they've been separated for almost a week. What do you mean by feeding them at the door?

Like we moved the food bowls to opposite sides of a shared door and had meal times there for a couple days. And then eventually did a screen there instead of the door, so they could see and smell each other but not touch or steal food.

It's basically the remedy that Galaxy does on My Cat From Hell in about half the episodes or more. Most problems with multiple cats are just they weren't given time to get used to each other and each other's smells.

Ah. That's clever. Something to think about.

We’re trying this and it’s not working. Our older cat keeps pinning him down and attacking him. She won’t eat across the gate from him. I can keep picking up her dishes, but she may starve to death in the process. I don’t understand why she’s being so aggressive.


Smokie has so many caption opportunities.

But as a cat he'd prefer to just gnaw on your most insecure one.