1988, Bill O'Reilly, and Nintendo [NWS banner ads]

On the Inside Edition:


Media never dies, does it? It just ends up on the internet.

Ironically enough, That generates a 404.

Dead link... and NSFW!

It's blocked at work and I got an "Adult Content" warning message. No *NSFW* message is not good!

Doh! The side banners! I didn't even notice them at first, I was so entranced by super mullet man!

That was wonderful. Thanks for the link, Trachalio!

Who are these guys?? Great stuff, Trachalio.

Bwahahahahahaha! "Fun Club" President?

Nice tie.

Ah, for those innocent days when children could be shown playing a video game in a news story without the Power Chords of Imminent Doom inserted into the background to indicate the upcoming GTA-inspired apocalypse.

O'Reilly wrote:

I had trouble with Lincoln logs!

So much can change in 18 years! Great video

Bill O'Reilly aside, one amazing thing is how much the numbers have changed. 11 million consoles in 3 years is mentioned as an overwhelming success, whereas Microsoft not hitting 10 million in one year is widely considered a failure. And even with inflation, the NES cost under $200.

And I barely remember video game hotlines. Man.

2006, Bill O'Reilly, and PS3! Link