Warlords 2 Deluxe revisited

Does anyone remember this game?

It's my favorite game of all time, and it brings back good memories,

I played it often my sophomore year in college in 1995/1996 with 4 other guys in my dormitory.

I started thinking about this game again last weekend when I was thinking of a good game for my son and I to play together. So I started browsing for it, and I discovered it's a Dos-based game, and it's downloadable for a price, but according to forum feedback there aren't any Dos emulators it runs well on, so I didn't download it. Also, it's apparently now available on pocket pcs, but I don't have any desire to get one.

Thoughts Warlords 2 Deluxe dances like sugarplums in my head, so I'm thinking of digging up an old hard drive and installing Windows 98 (or Dos 6.22 if necessary) and this game to see if I can get back into playing this excellent turn based game.

I know there are newer games from SSG, the company who made Warlords 2, but from what I've played and what I've read the newer games in the Warlords series have flashier graphics, but aren't as much fun.

I read there may be a foreign site that has it downloadable for free, but I haven't found it yet.

So, has anyone else had the pleasure of playing this game before?

What were you're impressions?

Never played Warlords 2 Deluxe, but I did pretty much play Warlords 2 into the ground. That was a great game. I got some serious mileage out of the turn-based multiplayer in college.

Yes! One of my early favorites, before I even had a PC of my own that could run it, I'd always go over to my uncle's and play on his machine. I'd love to get this working under modern Windows.

One of the greats. The graphics were crap, even for the time, I think. But it was just so juicy. It was very well balanced, and one of those "Just one more turn" experiences. Great, great game.

Warlords III was very different, but also enjoyable. Not quite as addicting as II Deluxe.

I played Warlord II on the Mac back when I was just out of college. I actually met two friends playing Warlords III; ShadeRaven and Pigpen. If I can find the disc, I would be up for a game once and a while.

One of the best ever. Man I should really dig up those disks.

I ordered and recieved Warlords 2 from SSGUS.com. I thought it would be an official copy. It was a burned copy with a photocopied manual, but both were in excellent condition.

The game works great using DosBox, a free Dos emulator. So I'm able to play this on my Windows 2000 Profession machine through DosBox, thus I didn't need to install Dos or Windows 95 on a drive and worry about hardware speed issues.

I got to squeeze in one game this last weekend, and now that I'm hooked again, this will keep me busy a long, long time.

So I found what seems to be a decent remake of warlords 2 as a browser game called Warbarons. It seems that you can even play it on a tablet but there are some issues with doing so that need to be resolved.

I'm having quite a bit of fun with it, even if the AI is pretty bad, it is very easy to get a game going with other people.

Well this is relevant to my interests. I played Warlords 1 and 2 to death.

Sidebar: SSG's first game, Reach For The Stars, was the first PC game I ever bought.

Warlords 2 Deluxe was my introduction to the series as a whole. Played the EVERLIVING HELL out of it back in the day.

I loved the sh*t out of the Warlords games.