MLB 2006 The Show PSP - Red Sox win it all

So last night I won game 7 of the world series against the Padres after playing through an 82 game season. That is a LOT of videogame baseball.

What a fantastic sports game. Considering the platform the graphics, especially the player animations based upon plays being made, stadiums, and graphics, plus the commentary and sound were just unbelievable. If I were ever to consider a PS3, it would be so I could play this game on my TV instead of the PSP. It totally blew away the sh*t that 2k foisted upon 360 owners.

i had to respond 'cause the thread looked so lonely.

i don't own the psp but have 'the show' for the ps2 and it is totally in a different league (pun intended) than the 2k6 game.
everything from the presentation to animation to game play, (online play/league notwithstanding) 'the show' is much better.

i bought 'the show' the first day it came out for the ps2. when i bought the 360 i got curious what the 2k6 game is like so i traded my 'the show' in for a copy of the 2k6 game. after about a month of frustration with 2k6 i cut my losses and traded it back for another copy of 'the show.'

there are some vid clips of the 07 version coming out in Feb. it really doesn't look all that different than the 06 version (could be good or bad).
i'm eager to see what MLB2k7 has to offer. if i ever get a ps3 (most unlikely), 'the show 07' or any future version thereof, will probably be the first game i purchase.

A response! I feel validated!

I am a pretty avowd 360 - non-PS3 guy, but if I ever buy a PS3 it will be to play the show.

Everything about MLB2k6 360 sucked. The graphics looked like they were from a nintendo 64, the constantly repeated stadium announcemnts and yells from the stands started to grate on my nerves like nails on a blackboard, the obviously stolen (in TOTAL!!!) commentary from MLB2k6, the player physics that made it seem you guys were running from wet cement to ice and then back to cement, I could go on and on. Jesus, what a horrid game. Then to top it off I got banned from the 2k forums when I complained about some of the issues and then got in a pissing contest with the fanboys - how there could be any I have no idea.

But anyways, the PSP version of the show was just fantastic. With PS2s costing what they do, I could see myself getting one to play the show on this coming spring, actually.

I have the game on PSP it's a really good game. I just wish Madden on PSP was on par quality wise.