Finished Any Games Lately?

I timed my vacation to coincide with a week of being basically the only country in Europe with weather of 17 degrees Celsius and rain, so boy have I finished some games I bought during the Steam summer sale.

Final Fantasy VI Pixel Remaster

Only thing missing from this is a CRT filter, otherwise, yeah. It's perfect. I can see its influence, but it still works as a game on its own. Only objection I have is that the endgame is too abrupt. C'mon. At least give me something from Kefka as he's getting annihilated.

Ghostwire: Tokyo

Which is a Ubistuff game elevated by its rendition of Shibuya, and renditions of Japanese urban legends and folklore. Combat is pretty shallow, but movement through Shibuya is almost a joy.

I dunno, it's a weird one - it's fine, but it's like it doesn't understand what it could be. I mean, why are you producing a banger like this and not ever highlight it in your game instead of making it a throwaway unlock?

Iron Lung

A side-project by the guy what made Dusk while he's assisting on Gloomwood. It's an hour-long exercise in how much tension and horror can you wring from a submarine submerged in a blood ocean, where all you have is a map, some coordinates, and no window into the outside world except a camera and some faulty sensors . It's terrific.

Tales of Arise

My first Tales of game, and yeah, it's pretty good! Fun characters, fun banter, fun quasi-character-action gameplay. It starts breaking down a bit towards the end, where a severe case of Diarrhea Christmas Lights makes it kind of impossible to discern if what's happening is going to one-shot you or is just your party pitching in. Also I have some issues with how the narrative resolves, but overall, a good time.

Murder House

I love survival horror, I love trashy VHS slashers. It's only a couple of hours long, and they're worth every penny. Five out of five stars, would get slaughtered by a homicidal Easter Bunny again.

I forgot to say I finished Maneater last week, and it was jawesome. I had an incredible amount of fun crunching and munching on unsuspecting humans and less-clueless-but-equally-delicious shark hunters. They thought they could catch me! Ha! Eating every fish, turtle, and reptile I came across was also tons of fun, and simply swimming around and checking out the different environments (and finding the hilarious landmarks) was very entertaining as well. The narrator cracked me up, and many of the little factoids he offered were quite interesting. All in all, a fintastic game!

Yes! Man-eater was my game of summer 2021. Fantastic fun

Go, mutated sharks! Woohoo!