Finished Any Games Lately?

I wrapped up Inscryption. That is a helluva experience. There were points where I absolutely adored it and it would easily top my GOTY list. Then there were points that dragged and I had trouble seeing the relevance to the narrative as a whole. In the end, it came together amazingly well to what I’d consider a gaming masterpiece as a whole. I see why it gathered so many awards over the last year. But as I said above, there are parts that weren’t perfect, and honestly kinda boring.

I’m going to try to be very light on spoilers, which are a very large part of the experience. If you’re sensitive at all to spoilers, my lightest spoiler final thought is: this is definitely worth your time if you’re interested in card games, rogue likes, narrative experiences, horror experiences (although quite light on true gore). It’s one of my highest recommendations. Still, it’s not for everybody, and that’s totally okay too.

Light spoiler thoughts:


The first act is the most polished experience and 100% sucked me in. I was ALL IN until the beginning of the second act… then I really bounced off and needed a break for a while. I did eventually come back to finish act 2, then absolutely loved act 3 and the epilogue finale, which tied everything together so well it kinda blows my mind how much stuff was introduced so subtly in act 1 and you don’t see how it all relates until the end. I cannot believe how much effort went into certain sections in the epilogue. I love the care and attention that was put into every detail.

Hob, which was great. Some original ideas, nice and short, intriguing world to play around in (and with).

Go, Hob!

Redherring wrote:

Hob, which was great. Some original ideas, nice and short, intriguing world to play around in (and with).

That was my game of the year in 2020! Such a great game, it's a shame it's not talked about more.

Turnip Boy Commits Tax Evasion. It's a bit of a Zelda clone with the sort of humour that the title implies. Combat and puzzles were mostly pretty ordinary, with a few exceptions, but the game mostly relies on its humour anyway. Worth checking out considering it only takes around 2 hours to finish.

Saw credits in Life is Strange: True Colors. Huge step up from Life is Strange 2 IMO. Thought the characters were better. But like Deck Nine's other Life is Strange effort, Before the Storm, it feels really rushed despite having 5 episodes this time. Only spent 8 hours total compared to the 18 in LiS2.