Finished Any Games Lately?

Just finished up Minerva's Den. Bit buggy, but a nice bit of DLC overall. Satisfying little self-contained story, even if it didn't really push any boundaries.

I've finished 'Steam Sales'. Does that count?

Clive Barker's Jericho, down and out. Love the Barker style, but I have yet to see it translate as well into games as it does in his books.

Super Stardust HD is down. Hard, but good. (That's what she said.)

Vrikk wrote:

Super Stardust HD is down. Hard, but good. (That's what she said.)

I love that game. What was your final score?

Sparhawk wrote:

I've finished 'Steam Sales'. Does that count?

It counts if you've bought every discount possible, done every Steam sale achievement then asked Gabe to get every single PC game in existence on Steam. Or just buy Valve for 1 trillion $. And gifted every game to every steam user.

But if by "finished" you imply finished buying games then yes I have too. But I haven't gifted enough games (well any for that matter) because of my presence in Spain.

I finished Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare and Assassin's Creed Brotherhood.

I'll be writing an essay about COD4, so I'll reserve my statements about that particular game for another day.

Assassin's Creed Brotherhood made me care more about Desmond, which is cool. I am tentatively excited for the sequel.

Finished up the SP achievements in Ghostbusters last night.

Buy that game and play it on casual - it was a goddam treat! As a child of the 80s, I thoroughly enjoyed that game.

On to the MP (Bonus, get your copy!).

I just finished Bulletstorm. I had a blast with it.

Don't know why I took so long to get around to it. It was my disappointment in Duke Nukem Forever that finally prompted me to buy Bulletstorm, so I could have a fun single player experience with a funny game that didn't take itself too seriously - you know, everything that DNF wasn't.

SallyNasty wrote:

Finished up the SP achievements in Ghostbusters last night.

Buy that game and play it on casual - it was a goddam treat! As a child of the 80s, I thoroughly enjoyed that game.

On to the MP (Bonus, get your copy!).

Still looking for it cheap. Do they have any more (cheap) at your local Sears that's closing?

Also, what the hell?

Finished Batman: AA for the first time last week.

Damn, that was a sweet ride.

100%'ed the Riddler Challenges too.

Finished Portal 2. Loved it. That is all.

I finished up Gemini Rue which I've been playing on my laptop on my lunch hours. It's an old-school style point and click adventure game but it was just released this year. It's got a mature story that does take a while to get going but which has a killer third act. It's got modern music and voice acting throughout which is mostly good. There are some head scratching moments but none of the puzzles are too complicated and the game's implementation of cover-based combat is inventive, even if it doesn't really add anything to the experience. I highly recommend checking it out if you're into the genre.

Swarm on PSN. Good game, but I can't really say why. None of the mechanics worked exceptionally well, but as a 5 hour game it's worth it.

I killed so many of them :(

Just finished Enslaved: Odyssey to the West.

Fun game, especially at the $10 dollar price that I got it at. (EB games Canada sale)

Edit : and FC2 last week, also a good romp through the jungle.

Finished Witcher 2. Very good game, that didn't quite live up to the promise set forth in the first half of the game. Looking forward to the next one!

All chapters of Tales of Monkey Island finally beaten - First couple of chapters were a bit of a struggle but those last two were Excellent, well worth sticking with it to reach.

Was there ever any word about another 'season'? It certainly sets it up so it seems that way.

kincher skolfax wrote:

Polished off L.A. Noire yesterday. As to my reactions, well, I think Clem and Zacny have covered them nicely.

I will add, though, that despite its many flaws, the game does present what I feel is a pretty interesting portrayal of WWII vets' attitudes. Postwar America was a complicated place, especially before the onset of McCarthyism, and I think they've captured that mixture of optimism and anxiety nicely.

This is actually a really good point that registered with me on some level, but that I never took the time to think much about. I think I like this game a little more now (my feelings about it were very mixed).

Done as much as I'm going to do of Trenched until some DLC drops. There's a bunch of things I haven't finished (no King artillery, regiment broadcaster kills challenge, gold every level) but I'm ok with that. I have the Raz costume which is pretty sweet.

Just finished Darksiders, anyone heard of it ? :p

HantaXP wrote:

Just finished Darksiders, anyone heard of it ? :p

I have not. Is it good?

Finished Penny Arcade Adventures Vol 1 and very much enjoyed it. It's a bummer knowing that the next one I play will be the last, but I'm taking it for what it's worth. The humor is excellent and the combat is pretty fun as well.

Just finished off Witcher 2 late last week. Impossibly good game. I had high hopes for it as the first Witcher was one of my favorite titles the year it was released, but W2 smashed through all my expectations and delivered this years GOTY for me. AND I get to do it again with a seperate storyline next time I play through it. That's value for your gaming money right there.

Finally got around to finishing up the Minerva's Den DLC for Bioshock 2 (really well done), as well as Superbrothers Sword & Sworcery on the iPad.

Finished InFAMOUS yesterday. Played evil.

Finished Terraria this weekend, in that I beat Skeletron and cleaned out the dungeon.

Knocked out the single player of COD: World at War just now. That game was strange. I couldn't tell if it had a genuine anti-war message, a "Hollywood" anti-war message or a incredibly crass pro-war message. The gameplay was decent, but there were a lot of monster Nazi closets that just made the game seem silly sometimes.

Completed Witcher 2 a few nights ago. Bloody fantastic. I've now started another Witcher 1 playthrough.

Finally wrapped up my first playthrough of Mass Effect 2. LIked it better than the first one, but the shooty shooty got a bit samey samey.

Now onto Bioshock 2

Thursday night, 10:45pm. 'Let's play another chamber or two in Portal 2, then go to bed.'
Friday morning, 1:45pm. 'Whoa, best game ever!'

I finished Sworcery finally. I think this might actually be the first handheld game I've ever beaten. I have a habit of buying Ipad games and never playing them.