Anyone playing City of Heroes?

I just started playing as an MA/SR Scrapper, and I'm wondering if any other Goodjers are still into this one. I'm Paper Tyger on Virtue.

Last time I tried playing, I kept running around the lifeless, abandoned city, until I saw one blue guy running around blasting baddies. We teamed up, played for 15 minutes, then I canceled my subscription.

Also, I couldn't help but notice that despite the recent graphical updates CoH got, and despite it even having superior graphics to WoW upon launch, its graphics haven't aged nearly as well as WoW's.

I can see that if you go in cold. I played the game for the first time a week ago, and I went in already knowing an established Super Group. That's perhaps colored my perspective.

I played a Dark Melee/Super Reflex Scrapper, A triple D (dark/dark defender) on the CoH side, also had a Mastermind (fun), Brute and a few others on the CoV side of things. I was part of a very tight SG/VG that was a lot of fun. Now that I've gotten more involved in guild runs on Blackhand, I'm finding that while I do miss the extra wardrobe changes and Super Jump, I'm happy at WoW.

Leareth from CoH
Merdee/Lunazul on Blackhand