Zelda: Twilight Princess Reviews & Impressions (Spoiler-Free)

We are getting near the end of Twilight Princess/Wii, I think. It's a great game. I have to admit that I hate the waggle; we've visited the undead knight monster for "new moves" on multiple occasions, and we've not taken advantage of the unlocked move, except by accident/where required. Wild flailing saves the day so far.

Wild flailing is also unsatisfying and gives you RSI. Shrug. I've always found it more fun to use deliberate moves. Most of them are useful in their own fashion. I get the distinct feeling that they could have gated the movement controls a lot more, but it would've confused more gamers.

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Just finished Twilight Princess HD, took me c 40 hours and about 4 weeks to get through. I completed it back in 2006 or so when it came out on the Wii. At the time, the muddy visuals and waggle turned me right off it. It was almost a begrudging completion.

This time, no waggle, clean beautiful visuals, and a better appreciation of the back story meant I really really loved it. In a bit more detail.;

- the lack of waggle greatly improves the game
- I'd forgotten how easy it is. As a 43 year old with limited time, the fact that you never really are under any chance of dying is really welcome.
- I felt mucho tinges of sadness when I worked out who the skeleton geezer that teaches you moves is.
- Googling the back story (Ganondorf's abortive execution for instance) really fleshed out the experience. This time through, I knew about the 3 Zelda timelines, and it made quite the difference,

It's not all gravy - Hyrule Field is still way too empty, and the balance between rupees and stuff to spend them on is better but still not great in the remaster. And the third phase of the final boss sucks ass.

However! If you've not played it since the Wii / GC version, the HD remaster really shines. I'm almost tempted to play Skyward Sword ahead of the Switch, but don't want Zelda fatigue. But Twilight Princess is a really really great game.

It got talked about here and there in other threads but not so much here. It is quite good, and you have the option of hero mode if you actually want a challenge. The best thing about it for me is the dungeons. They're the biggest and most complex in the series and really require some thinking and exploration.

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Anyone have a copy of Twilight Princess for Wii U they want to get rid of? My son became a huge Zelda fan last year. I thought I owned this but I cannot find it. We did move twice since the Wii U came out.