Suggest Me Some Metal

Podunk wrote:

It is always a good day for Prong.

I couldn't agree with this more. And alot of this metal you guys are YouTubing reminds me of Nuclear Assault for some reason. And what's with everytime I go to look up what I thought were extinct bands they have released something within the last four years. Friggin SOD?!? What the hell?

I'm not quite the metalhead that I once was but I am really getting into Fear Factory.

Just checked out the new Mushroomhead: Beautiful Stories for Ugly Children. It's not really that good.

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oMonarca wrote:

Damn! Why wasn't I informed of the existence of this thread? Two others could have been spared!

Tagged, for great justice!

This is why it's a bad idea to live by your tracker, folks.

I'm trying to learn one new thing every day.

What about Diamond Head and the Maiden? Are they still metal? Or have they been downgraded to Hard-rock now that they're all respectable middle-aged men?

Haven't heard any recent Diamondhead, but Maiden is still making the music I would expect from them. They are firmly in my 'Heavy/Classic' metal category.

Interestingly enough, stoner metal is the best description about the Sword I've seen yet, but only because they remind me of a more metal version of Kyuss. I wouldn't complain if there were a bunch of other labels applied to them. Only really hip metalheads would bother about making serious distinctions between similar sounding genres.

Personally, the only thing I'm interested in is does it rock? Then cool, I'll check it out.


We kinda live in this thread now.

Yah, I know. I felt like necroing this poor thread.

cartoonin wrote:

Yah, I know. I felt like necroing this poor thread. ;)

Thread Necromancy is Metal.