Any other software work with the new iPod Shuffle?

iTunes is a pain in my rear.

Is there a limit to how many files iTunes will import into the library?

I try to add my Music folder to iTunes, and it stops loading music in the N's...

Tried subdividing my music into subfolders to reduce the size, and now it imports only parts of the sub folders. The iTunes support I've found on the Apple website says 'Add a folder to iTunes' and voila, all your music will show up in iTunes!

Am I the only one who's had these problems?

Hmm, never heard of that. I have seen posts by people that have over 100gb of music in iTunes, so I don't think it's a limit problem. Have you tried reinstalling iTunes?

With the new shuffles they don't operate as a thumbdrive any more, so I think the typical other loader programs (ephpod, etc...) would not be able to recognize it. Could be wrong, I just got mine last night and haven't tried anything out.

You can make the new shuffle appear as a flash drive by selecting that option in the settings menu within iTunes.
I'm not sure if ephpod will work yet, though I would bet that they will update it so that it does.

Walt, I'm not sure why iTunes stops loading music for you, it's never happened to me. Maybe you have a corrupted file somewhere in the Ns?

iTunes was the only music manager software that could import my music collection (though it did take it 34hours) but that was some versions ago (I don't and won't use music managers).

I'd say try ephpod but l too am not sure that it works with the shuffle.

The other option (and I have to do this with my wife's Rio software) is to copy over the files you want on the shuffle to your PC and import those into iTunes only so you can transfer.

I'm going to try iTunes version 6 to load the library and see if it's a bug with version 7 that is giving me my trouble. I love my new iPod Shuffle :), and I hate iTunes (at least 7.0.2) :(...

Well iTunes v.6 is no better. Is there a limit to the number of sub-folders that it will read? I've got 4195 files in 1541 folders... (Music->Band Name->Album Name->Songs files)

What sucks is there is no error message, so it's hard to find anyone with similar problems on Google (and especially the Apple website).

How are the ID3 tags on your collection? I know that the iTunes database relies heavily on tags to sort everything, now i'm not sure if its a requirement, but chances are if your tags are missing entirely you won't get jack out of iTunes.

Windows or OSX? Do you have the "organize music" thing checked where it puts everything in it's directory?

Something has got to be up with you. I have 8,370 files in 2,851 folders and it works just fine for me.

I'm so tired of iTunes on the PC. $30 for Anapod doesn't sound so bad right now. Ephpod made my iPod cry.

I don't think there's a limit to folders but I haven't tried to use it in years. I use a combination of folder structure and a folder that contatins the playlists of the CDs to find the songs I want as I don't use tags.


You don't use tags? What kind of MP3 player do you have, if any?

I use winamp and the Slimp3.

Maybe it's something with the tags... I used Musicmatch Jukebox Plus to do most of the tagging, and all the songs show up over there...

I'm just going to 1-off the music that gets downloaded to my Shuffle. iTunes isn't going to take over my music management software...

By the way, I run Windows XP Pro... thanks for the feedback on this guys

Eezy_Bordone wrote:

I use winamp and the Slimp3.

So nothing portable then?

LeapingGnome wrote:

So nothing portable then?

I use Ephpod for my iPod when I use it.

Yeah, but how can you manage the iPod without tags? Or do you have a big playlist and let it shuffle that? That's what I was really wondering, pretty much all the decent portable players I know of rely on the id3 tags.

I make a playlist per cd that I put on the iPod. I don't put on singles but I don't use my iPod all that often either.
I have struggled getting to the 2gb mark of used space (out of 10gb) only because there isn't much time for me to use it.
I realize I'm not a typical user.

It's beyond that, you're a damned freak.

I wasn't going to say it, but there it is.