Anyone playing PSOU?

So.. it's out..and even though I came away really unimpressed at E3.. this game is like that old crazy girlfriend who keeps calling at 2am. I know it's going to be bad for me..but.. I can't help myself!

Has anyone had any in depth experience with the game (pc or 360 version) yet.. and if so what were your likes or dislikes?

Ive been eyeballing a 360 lately..and this might be one of the "justification" games I get for it after the holidays..
But..if I get the PC version I can play now...*sigh*

Daddy's coming home baby...

Most of us didn't like the demo. Check the demo thread in the games section and you can see why. =\

I've got it, and I'm loving it. I'm playing single-player though. It's about as well-received as PSO was, which means that most people won't really dig it that much, but those who do, will really dig it.

Give it a rental first; this time around there's a full single-player campaign with NPC party members, though you still only control your character. I've read that you can even get player cards from NPC's in online mode and take them along with you on missions too, which is pretty cool.

I have the PC version, and played the 360 demo.

Bias: I like the game. I've been playing these damn things since the Sega Master System, I'm not exactly unbiased. Game-wise, I think it's a blast.

That said, bad things about the PC version:
No mouse control, if you cared about that
No widescreen! resolutions in general suck. Caps out at 1280x1024, and doesn't seem very hackable. (no ini files to tweak)
If you plug in a 360 controller, the analog triggers don't work by default. You can run through hoops with nonstandard drivers, but it's a bit of a pain.
No anti-aliasing. It just doesn't work, no matter your video card.

On the other hand, you can play on your computer, or plug your computer into your tv. You can still use the xbox controller, and free keyboard for chatting! No built in voice chat: good or bad, depending on your tastes. I consider it good, too many hosers out there...

So it's not graphically better on the PC in any way, and the control is equal/inferior. But if your tv is under heavy use contention, or you don't trust the xbox hardware (my dvd drive is already acting squirrelly...), the pc might be the way to go.

Hmmm.. well I already have a PC and don't have a 360..
Maybe I'll give it a shot. I wish there was a way to rent PC games to try them first.. or maybe a PSOU demo disk like the WoW one.

Thanks for the input guys!