Against Nature? (Discussion very *NSFW*)

The spectrum of life experiences of people here at GWJ continues to astound me.

Someone can look up the list, but until the sodomy laws in Texas were struck down, all of this oral and anal sex were illegal in ~14-18 states (all I remember is Texas...and of course Utah. ). The laws in general were written specifically to target gay men in that no cops were going to arrest heterosexuals they found doing either one.

For whatever reason this topic came up in high school, in class (Sociology), and I was the one to point out that at the time there were all these states where sodomy was legal. Everyone in the class turned around (big lecture, ~80 people) wanting to know how the hell I knew this. Couldn't think of a delicate way to say, "Um, cause there was this map of the U.S. in one of my Playboys that showed which states had laws about what." Think I just said, "Um, I read it somewhere." Asked my mom jokingly for a subscription when I was 15. Got a subscription for my sixteenth birthday.

Course, I liked one guy's response, "Hey, if I want to get my wife up the bum, I'm going to get my wife up the bum." Very liberal-minded.

Come on, just think, BJ & Steak day used to be illegal in many states...