"The Bridge" opens October 27th *possible* nsfw

Sure to ruin your day:

I heard about this movie, "The Bridge," a while back, and thought it was an interesting insight into suicide. I heard Opie and Anthony, of all people, talking about it today, and it really freaked them out. Now my morbid curiosity is waiting to see this movie, but the other side of me worries that it will encourage other people to jump off of bridges- specifically the Golden Gate Bridge.

*nsfw trailer. It could be safe for work, but it may not be. If you watch it at the wrong time, it may bum you out.

Tribeca Films:

The Golden Gate Bridge, with its views of the San Francisco Bay and skyline, is an American icon and a major tourist destination. But it is also the site of more suicides than any other place in the world. The question of why this particular bridge is such a magnet for suicides (along with the broader issue of suicide, and mental illness in general) is explored in Eric Steele's debut documentary, which he began to work on after reading Tad Friend's New Yorker article on the subject. Every day during 2004, Steele set up his cameras and filmed the Golden Gate Bridge during daylight hours. Day after day, he and his crew observed thousands of people crossing the bridge on foot from San Francisco to Marin County and back. They filmed everyone from tourists to bicyclists, but ever so often a person would climb over one small part of the bridge's mile-long railing and let go. However, while the camera can record the act of suicide, it cannot tell us what leads a person to such an extreme action or what thoughts run through someone's mind during those last moments. In an attempt to uncover some of these mysteries, Steele crossed the country in order to interview friends and families of the jumpers he captured on film, on-scene witnesses to various jumps, and even a jump survivor. These testimonials elevate the jumpers in the film from nameless statistics to human beings whose lives have inexorably led them to a tragically decisive moment on the Golden Gate Bridge. Like the bridge itself, this film is beautiful, powerful, and possesses an underlying darkness.
- David Kwok

*this may have been talked about, but I don't want to search for a thread. i'm too bummed out by the mood of the trailer.

I'm looking forward to it. I thought the trailer was well-made.

Well made, but it kind of bummed me out. Especially the great long shot of the bridge, marred only by the splash at the bottom- and the guy with the baseball cap.