Anyone playing Tiger Woods 07?

I dunno guys. I just read today's PA.

Play a few online matches and post back here on your results getting and staying connected, please. I don't need another game I can't play with my buds.

Will do, sir! Anyone up for tomorrow (Wednesday) night?

I've picked it up and played a bit. It seems to play longer (in terms of time) than Links did (I haven't figured out a way to speed up the AI player like you could in Links). I would definitely be up for some MP, but right now I suck on Tiger Woods 07.

I believe my gamer tag is: Edgar Newt. Either that or it is: Edgar_Newt.

Please look me up and we can get a game going.


Don't misinterpret this, as I would love a golf game that lets us have fun like when we all played LINKS 2004 together on a weekly basis.

But the lack of any MP games being played by the GWJ crew and PA's recounting of the horror of trying to get an MP game done means I may pass on this title.

Well, the MP golf games will get going, I just don't know when, or even if it will happen in the next month. I can do a few pickup games here and there, but a regular night might have to wait til after Rainbow 6 is released. However, I play this game a ton, it is incredible fun. I especially love the ridiculous things your custom character says: "Be the number, BE THE NUMBER" and my favorite, "GET IN YOUR HOLE."

Come to think of it, I'm down with playing this monday. Anyone else want to play? Let's get a 4 man game going, prove PA right or wrong. I say we all lie so that Swampy buys the game.

I await with anticipation your fictitional AAR.

I picked it up this weekend. I'm down for a few games, just let me know when.

EA has fixed the MP, and I had a nice match the other day. Really haven't spent too much time playing online, as I am trying to get my golfer leveled up. I'm up to about 35% in all areas right now. This part of the game is a total blast.

EA's plan to allow you to purchase a 110% golfer really messes up another aspect of the game that should have been available. Let's say yopu want to create a golfer based on qa real player, or one based on yourself. There is no way to customize a player's abilities now. If they allow you to create a golfer, why oulmd anyone pay? But once you pay, it's a maxed out golfer or nothing.

The way you level up your golfer is little dorked, in that you basically improved every aread pretty evenly. Sure, one area gets ahead, but then you just work on your weak area's in training. While it would seem to be possible to just avoid training, and see how you golfer inproves over time, that doesn't happen, becasue there are cap. My golfer is capped at 35% right now. So while some of my abilities got to 35% right away, the rest were not that far behind. When I level up to a new cap, some abilities wiull be a slightly ahead, but the other wones catch up before leveling up again.

So there are no golfers with pretty lopsided abilities. That's a bummer. No long driving abolities with weak putting or vice versa. EA's microtansaction policy for TW has taken away what could have been a very cool part of the game. Maybe if they lf let you buy an editor?

The online component seems to be mostly fixed, though. I would like to try to set up some regualr matches and invite people to play rounds. So buzz me if you guys are online. If it says I'm playing Leggo Star Wars, it could very well be my wife or daughter playing, so don't be surprised if I ignore you then.

I leveled up to about 28% today. Took a while. I must admit, as much as I liked Links 2004, the way in which the wind modified the ball (and the frequency of the high winds) made things a bit unbelieveable in my book. I had a blast with it, but it was very much an "arcade" game. Despite TW07's deficiencies -- and there are some -- I always feel that when I am about to take a stroke, there is a technique to it that I will struggle to master. Some rounds I am on. Sometimes I am not. But there appears to be a skill to it that I have not yet mastered. And for that reason, I am actually enjoying myself a bit.

I have yet to try a MP game, but would like to. TW07 feels like it plays a bit slower -- in that I think it would take longer RL time to make it through a round.

Anyway, had a good time today . . . .

I just it yesterday and hope to play a few rounds to get accustomed to it tonight. Then I'm all for some multiplayer if anyone's interested.

I played this demo a few days ago and really loved it. It was kind of zen like to play (when compared to GOW or something) - I found it really relaxing. Might be because playing with Tiger makes me feel like I actually have some abilities!

If it looks like GWJ folks are gearing up for any regular play then I might be able to convince my wallet to open up for this one.

I am still playing this game and I LOVE it! tmembrino is right, TW is very relaxing, it has an awesome sense of being outdoors despite subpar graphics (when compared to Oblivion.) I like that you need to calculate your swing (shot) much like you would in real life. I don't think the goodjers are playing this game quite yet because of all the other games going on right now, plus, you need to level up your character. Your character starts out with really low skills, nothing like Tiger Woods at all. It takes some time to build your character up to Tiger's skill level. I'm guessing we might pick this up around mid-December? Thoughts?

I'm watching you Souldaddy. If you guys get a TWG07 night off the ground, I'll be in. Don't let me down. :p

It will happen, I'm just waiting for the dust to settle after Rainbow Six gets here. Priorities.

Cool - I definitely will pick this up then. December timeframe gives me time to build up my player a bit. I love the idea of this kind of gameplay with GWJ - reminds me of the relaxed atmosphere and good times playing Hold-Em with some of you (but with much better graphics ;-))

I'll be getting this off eBay in the near future as well, it's just a matter of time.

When are we going to try some multiplayer? I love this game.

I'm getting it via Gamefly. I'd love to recreate the Links fun we had (based on the one or two times I actually made it.)

PsychoKillerZ wrote:

When are we going to try some multiplayer? I love this game.

I'm guessing mid-December to mid-January?

I have this game. Barely played it.

Too many games, not enough time. Etc...