Advice on fixing a 360 game disc


I reached a mission probably half-way through GRAW where the game has trouble loading. I bought it new and this is the first cd ever that I've run into this kind of issue from PS, to PS2, to GC and XBOX. I really try to take care of my games, so this frustrates me in particular. I'm gonna guess its a micro scratch along the edge, there is one was caused by the disc tray closing on the disc accidentally.

Anyways, I saw the general internet recommendations on buffing a disc. Anyone have any personal stories. I'm thinking of avoiding the toothpaste recommendations and instead using a Car Wax and a new buffing rag. Definitely not interested in a CD Doctor contraption, it seems they get very mixed results anyways.

GRAW was a 55 dollar investment and am really hoping a carefull buff will get it back to perfection. Other worry is that it mightve been a manufacturing snafu, but I'd have no way to confirm it. I've had it for a while now, as I'm a casual gamer, full time dad, so I dont think I have any recourse with the retailer for exchange.

I guess this is a reply to myself. I should probably try removing the disk cache too. (Nervously considers the potential mistake of deleting his game save....)

Cold water, scrub in circles with your finger, dry with very soft rag (buffing rag will do fine, as long as it's clean).

Sometimes works for me. If it doesn't, call the manufacturer of the game and ask for a replacement disk. I know some PC game companies will do this for $10-$15 + shipping.

Never tried using a disk doctor, so I'm not sure how well they work.

Good luck.