-The Wire- Season 4

Certis hadn't heard of it. A search turned up no threads. Something had to be done.
This show went right into my top shows of all time in the last few weeks. I bought the first two seasons the day after watching the first 3 episodes. Of all of HBO's shows, I think this one gets the least mention. Anybody else watching The Wire here?

It gets the least mention, and I think it is the best show - by a long shot. I pretty much whore for the Wire in every TV/HBO thread, so no reason to stop here

I've never before seen a show that is so layered, so complex, so realistic, and so entertaining at the same time. And the storylines keep getting better and better. Seriously, check this one out if you haven't.

No, and the only way I've heard anything about it is from seeing the seasons on sale at Best Buy. What's the scoop? I know nothing.

Fedaykin98 wrote:

No, and the only way I've heard anything about it is from seeing the seasons on sale at Best Buy. What's the scoop? I know nothing.

The Wire is about the Drug War (and, tangentially, the War on Terror, the penal system, the labor movement, the working class, gay issues, bureacracy, politics, corruption, adolescence, and above all, moral ambiguity) in Baltimore. It is shot on location in inner-city Baltimore using a lot of locals as extras and bit players. It follows a series of police investigations into a large drug organization, as well as corruption in the dockworkers unions and a number of other storylines. It has about 40 main characters that you get to know well - the script is complex but incredibly sharp. Despite how complex the story is, you never quite feel lost. It's simply the best writing I've ever seen in a TV show.

To top it all off, it serves very well as just a really good cop drama, if that's your bag.

From what I understand, the 4th season starts in the fall and will focus on the public education system.
[edit]Season 4 teaser: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Iv5OW...

The scoop is that it is some of the best TV out there. The show follows a drug selling street gang and the police task force that's trying to take them down with an emphasis on the internal politics of both organizations. It's one of the most unique takes on the crime drama that I've seen in years.

The thing that really hooked me was I began to really like characters I hated in the first 5 or so episodes.

The dialog is also worth mentioning. It's amazing. It's not one of those shows were the slang sounds forced or insincere. And the reason it's called the Wire is because, well, mostly, the investigations and drama revolve around the placing and monitoring of phone taps. But that makes it sound boring and it's nowhere close to dull.

I think in another thread someone mentioned Bird as toughest gay character. I second that nomination.

Not bird, Omar.

Desram wrote:

Not bird, Omar.

Whoops. And I just read that in the other thread too. What can I say, it's been too long since season 3.

The Season 3 DVD is out in a few days so I thought I'd take this opportunity to remind everyone to watch the bloody show already.

The 4th season of the wire is starting up this sunday. The general focus of this season is going to be the education system. And no, I will never shut up about this show. I just finished the 3rd season DVD today. It will be interesting to live without the fear of spoilers from now on.

I have the first DVD sitting in my queue, I guess I'll bump it up a bit.

I liked this series ALOT. I thought they did a decent job of keeping it interesting by changing things up a bit with each season (although I think Season 1 was by far the best). I wasn't sure if this was coming back - thanks for the heads-up.

So far I've liked the third season the best.

I think I liked the 2nd season the best...the dockworkers storyline was really good, and they were able to continue the overarching stories without it seeming forced.

I can't wait for season 4, it's the highlight of my TV year.

[edit]Damn that clip is great...wish it was on now!

Does anyone here actually have HBO? As far as I know I can't get it here. I know I'll be torrent hunting tonight.. Probably tomorrow too.

Yea, I have HBO and have had a season pass on my Tivo for The Wire since Season 1. I probably won't get around to watching tonight's premier episode for a few days though (I tend to lag behind alot on TV - still finishing up last season's 24!).

I have never even heard of this show until this thread, but I have to find it because

it sounds great, I look forward to watching it

Today on Slate, there is a great article on the Wire, comparing it to a lot of great classic literature. They also call it the best show ever created for television, which I think is apt. It looks like they will be doing some sort of online panel discussions starting Monday 9/18.

I'm glad to see this spectacular show finally getting some of the attention it deserves...

[Edit] Great news! It looks like HBO just extended the Wire for a 5th season!! http://www.baltimoresun.com/entertai...

Glad to see they're doing something right, despite low ratings.

I'd just like to add my voice to the choir -- The Wire is the best drama on HBO, hands down. It's certainly runs at a slower pace than most of the other HBO-dramas but allows for some amazing character development (Stringer Bell, for example). You can get the first few seasons through Netflix if you have that avenue available to you and I'd strongly suggest picking it up if you get the chance. Much in the same way as I felt about Firefly, I envy those of you who haven't seen it for the first time (though I'd have to tip my hat to season 3 as being the best so far).

Season 4 seems to be up to the challenge -- can't wait to see how they expand on the Baltimore school system.

The first episode was great. I think I'm really going to like the new characters this season.