The WoW Roll Call Thread

Hi - Here are mine. Completely addicted.

Draenor (PvE)
Adysa - Human Mage
Kyrai - Human Warlock
Latka - Tauren Shaman
Setina - Human Priest
Zhazha - Tauren Druid

Lightninghoof (RP-PvP)
Asyda - Human Rogue

Rosiee - Gnome Mage

Okay, here're mine:

Gerahbod - Dwarven Rogue
Fatround - Troll Mage

Cenarion Circle
Phaerhius - Night Elf Druid

Guzz - Orc Rogue

I'm officially playing blackhand as my main now
Jooda - Tauren Druid (Moooooo!)
Rajaz - Troll Shaman
Mixolyde - Human Priest

For the horde!


Well, I think I'm going to resurrect Peecaboo, and my paladin, whose name I've forgotten at the moment.

Anyone still have any characters in the low-mid 20s for my pally, and mid-high 30's for my rogue?

I'm going to be playing WoW more frequently again - mainly late at night, EST.

Currently just have Burritos (level 11 shaman) on BH, already clanned. This is my first run through as on the horde side of the game, so I'm pretty uncertain of what's what.. not to mention I haven't played in a good half year, and much has changed.


Not sure if the first page is being kept up to date...
Snood, Gnome Rogue, 60 (main)
Livac, Gnome Warlock, 37
Aressa, Human Warrior, 35
Phebos, Gnome Mage, 22
Opalora, Night Elf Hunter, 13
Sidelga, Dwarf Paladin, 13

Koushi, Tauren Shaman, 12

Just getting started, will look at starting some alts on blackhand and such after I settle in.


Ratticus, Orc Warrior 14


Jaeden, Orc Warlock, 28

Aetherburst, Troll Mage, 60

Zova, Night Elf Rogue, 43

Razed, Undead Warlock, 21

Hope to group with some Blackhand people once I start playing some other time than the middle of the night.

I just started with my roommate's 10 day pass. My computer's on it's last legs but it looks like it will be able to handle the load enough to keep me playing till I get a new one. I'm already guilded, btw

Pouteche, Tauren Hunter

Blackhand (current main)

Brakkar, Undead Mage

Lightning's Blade (former main)

Joy, lvl 60 Human Paladin
?, lvl 15ish Gnome Warlock
?, lvl 20ish Dwarf Warrior

Couple of other servers with several other chars in level 10-20 range that nobody really cares about.

I've started back up, once more. I've got:
Fandael, Level 34 Night Elf Hunter (main)
Konacht, Level 20 Tauren Druid
Morrolann, Level nuttin' Human Warlock

All on Blackhand

After a year long hiatus from WOW I decided to jump on again. Made a new character on Blackhand so that I could eventually participate with the guild. I'm making a concious attempt to play in moderation this time (

Deepsea, 35 Human Warrior
Deepsee, 20 NE Priest
Villhelm 33 Dwarf Paladin
Katet, 10 NE Druid

Yoba, 33 Human Mage
Denada, 16 NE Rouge

Pretresse, level 60 human priestess on Feathermoon

I'm currently on hiatus to try to make my husband happy. Apparently my flirtatious nature on WoW was upsetting to him. *sigh*

Nightstormz , Night Elf Hunter on Blackhand .

Thanks for the invite to join. I am now officially addicted to the game !

TheWalt and I are now signed up, patched up and ready to roll. We will undoubtedly flounder around on different characters until we figure out what's what. We are also hoping to keep it around 6-8 hours a week play time. We'll see how that goes :\

I have absotively posilutely no idea what to play...
So far it's...

Frejya - Human Rogue
Tippytoes- Dwarf Hunter
Podnuh - Human Warrior
Twidgett - Gnome Mage

Welcome! Did you guys get in the guild yet? I added you to friends, but didn't see you online last night.

Thanks, no I'm not in the guild yet. Holiday weekend cut into my playtime a bit. Do you guys primarily use Ventrilo or is there another communication medium you guys use?

Awesome, Baba and TheWalt are on!

I'll keep an eye out for you in TheWalts Vent server. I'm primarily playing my warrior but I have a priest in the mid-20s that I'll save to quest with you guys. It'll be great to group with you again :).


Level 47 NE Warrior (Arms)-Thunderhorn.

I'll roll something on Blackhand to join you lot.

mateo wrote:


Level 47 NE Warrior (Arms)-Thunderhorn.

I'll roll something on Blackhand to join you lot.

Make sure you go alliance... only a few horde left.

Shattered Hand lvl 60 NE Rogue

And a gazillion others, lol

Meni Lvl 31 Preist on Blackhand

yeah i'm back on and looks like i'll be stayin this time, at least for a while...

Thewalt Gnome Mage (currently lvl 6)

Tolaar Gnome Warlock (level 8)

Just started playing, so I'll edit this as I stick to characters.

Veloreyn - Human Mage (lvl 36)
Syllana - Night Elf Hunter (lvl 22)
Eldrid - Night Elf Druid (lvl 12)

Looks like I'm back on the WoW for a while... Marec is my main on Blackhand, 56 Mage.

Demiurge wrote:

Looks like I'm back on the WoW for a while... Marec is my main on Blackhand, 56 Mage.

Nice welcome back! if you left the guild send an officer a /t and we'll be happy to add you back.. if you didn't leave well then you're already good!