2006 NFL Pick 'Em

In the spirit of the college football pick 'em, I've set up a GWJ group on Yahoo for the NFL pick 'em.

Yahoo NFL Pick 'Em
Group ID#: 52392
Password: stan

It's free and open to any and all who wish to participate. Remember that all games will be picked against the point spread.

In and picked. God I love football season.

Thanks for starting.

I'm going out on a major limb with my picks as "Sgt Fury Drum and Fife."

Wohoo, tied for first! Not a big fan of the spread, though.

Not a big fan of the spread, though


Alright, the comments about the spread have prompted me to do a little analysis to see what effect the spread had on the outcome of the games. Out of the 14 games played so far, the spread only played a factor in 3 of them (SEA/DET, NE/BUF, ARI/SF). Only in those 3 games did the spread decide which team was the "winner." A more interesting stat to me (and probably the reason for the small number of correct picks for everyone), is that in 6 of the 14 games, the underdog actually won the game.

And besides:

oldmanscene24 in the initial post wrote:

Remember that all games will be picked against the point spread.

Although it's been a few years since I have done this, historically I have been around 65% accurate when picking pro games against the spread. So, you can imagine that this week has also thrown me for a loop. Also, the fact that so few of the lines were even close to being correct should result in a lot of odds makers being somewhat perplexed as well. I'm just chalking it up to it being Week 1 in a league full of parity and call it good. However, if enough of you would like to abandon the spread and just go for straight picks, I'll see if I can change it.

I'd prefer straight picks, but now that I realized there is a spread (yeah, I didn't really read the post, just clicked the shiny link) I'm OK with it.

I signed-up, a week late so I'm already in the hole!

I think I made some solid picks, could have sworn I choose the Giants to win though, I know I did in the real football thread here. Whoops.

I'm fairly pleased with my picks this week. My biggest killer was in taking the dogs and points. 4 out of 6 losses were from this. I'm beginning to think that Tampa Bay and Detroit have forgotten what an end zone is.