I am going to be losing my current ISP's spam filtering when I swap over to a new provider and desperately need a new anti-spam solution for exchange servers. I already took a look at Cloudmark but I need other, perferably cheaper, solutions.

So far I have checked out cloudmark and the SpamFighter that CEJ recommended in the IT Toolkit thread.

Thoughts? Search didn't turn up much here.

We use Postini.

I use Antigen most places. Sybari was just bought out by MS, take that for what its worth. Most useful as a virus scrubber, but can cut down on a large majority of spam as well.

Have a few versions of Symantec Mail Security here and there, and its definitely more headache than its worth. (Same deal though, virus scrubber with an anti-spam option).

Both solutions still leave a lot to be desired as far as spam filtering goes. The only reliable way I have seen spam dealt with is through the use of open source routers (spamd)...setup is still over my head, but the clients love it. If you have a guy at your office that already does this kind of thing it might be worth looking into.

I've used Cloudmark for's awesome.

never ever worry about spam or viruses again..

seriously not sure how I ever lived without these guys.