AMD Dual Core Perf Optimizer

AMD has a patch out that addresses timing issues that occur when a developer uses a processor timer instead of a Windows one, and thus can't account for power-saving OS feature effects. It helps with issues in Distant Guns, and I suspect it's related to the sound issues in various games, perhaps Titan Quest and CivCity Rome.

Anyway, if you have an AMD dual core and you didn't see this before, here it is. First download link.

And further down the page is a more general driver update for the X2 as well. The combo has made my system somewhat faster and resolved the problems I was having with 3 games.

Sorry, I thought this was common knowledge. I have been using the optimizer for over a month, the new driver less so. I will try to share more. :p

No, I had heard only one mention of some driver update, and could not find it. It was driving me wild. So I posted after Jim Rose of Storm Eagle Studios (ex-Talonsoft, ex-AH, I think) put it up. So yeah, I'm publicizing it like mad. It makes a huge difference.

Did you see the second one that released in July?