Bob Griese going senile? Live on NFL Network! pointed out that Bob Griese has apparently lost his mind.

On NFL Total Access (video clip on, Bob Griese does an interview with Rich Eisen and Steve Mariucci.

Griese said: "I remember playing against the Houston Oilers when he was there, and he was just lights out."

Sounds OK, except waitaminute - Warren Moon became an Oiler in 1984.

Bob Griese retired after the 1980 season.

After a couple of words on Aikman, Griese continued: "I played against Warren a lot, he was more a contemporary of mine."

When Griese went to his last Pro Bowl in 1978, Moon was winning the Grey Cup in Edmonton. When Griese hung up his cleats after the 1980 season, Moon was winning Grey Cup number 3.

Moon did actually play against Griese a few times. Except it was Brian Griese. Once in 1998, when Moon's Seahawks lost at home to the Broncos (and Griese sat and watched Elway play), then four times in 1999 and 2000 when the Chiefs and Broncos played their divisional games (and Moon sat and watched Elvis Grbac).

Of course, none of that's even in the ballpark. Especially when Bob Griese mentioned playing against Moon himself, and specifically against the Oilers. So we can't even say he was living vicariously through his son, as Moon was long gone from Houston by the time he and Brian met.

See Bobby, when you spin tall tales about your playing career (and you're in the Hall of Fame, you don't need to BS to impress anyone), it helps to not do it on camera for national TV.