A/V Selector Suggestions

After seeing the hot deal on the Dell 2407 the other day, I couldn't help but order it for a replacement TV/PC monitor for my room. Its big, I love it, but theres only one input for all of the various inputs. So basically I need a suggestion for a good A/V switch. Just recently (today) I went out and picked up a Joytech selector after doing some pretty skim browsing at my local Best Buy. Its got 7 inputs, routs optical, component, the works. Its damn good for the price too but theres some bizzare humming coming from my speakers (very low but noticable with headphones) when using it. Anyway, I was wondering if anyone had any other suggestions for a solid A/V switching system, prefferably around $100 or less but i'd love suggestions that are over that if you have them.

On a second note, if anyone has any suggestions for ridding myself of the humming without axing the selector, let me know.

Have you tried using new cables? Go out and buy a new pair of audio cables and see if that helps. You could also switch other cables around if you have some before buying new ones.

Sounds like a ground loop. See if you can isolate the problem by disconnecting the audio cables one at a time. Your best bet is probably to pick up a ground loop isolator and put that between your selector and your receiver(?).

Currently my speaker setup is just a set of Logitech Z3 PC speakers. There is zero hum when using the speakers by themselves, but with the AV switch, it hums. I'll try picking up a ground loop isolator tommorow and see if that fixes the problem. I tried disconnecting all the cables one-by-one but nothing helped, even with no audio or video inputs connected there was still hum. Even when the AV selector is off, theres hum (when turned to speaker-blowing volumes.) I have to wonder as well, does this ground looping effect only the audio? Or can it affect video and ethernet as well?

The speaker hum at super loud volume is probably normal. Make sure they don't do that with out anything connected. If it is a ground loop problem it shouldn't be happening while the selector is powered off.

Ground loops can show up in video. I don't believe ethernet is prone to it, I think it's better decoupled from mains power.

I'm curious what the deal was on the 2407...I've been contemplating one:)

Dell had a 20% Off "Back To School" sale on a few of their monitors, the 2407 was part of it. I also picked up a $45 off $400 coupon on ebay for around $9, the entire thing was $708 shipped/after tax/coupons.

Alright guys, I appriciate all your suggestions but I managed to narrow the problem down by myself and by complete accident. On the output panel there is apparently two sets of RCA audio out, the one I had my speakers plugged into produced the humming, the one right above it (mysteriously located next to an RCA video out) works like a charm, no hum, no noise. Thanks a lot guys. Also, the Ground Loop Isolator did nothing to the sound, with the bad rca jacks or the good ones I noticed no difference with or without them.