Computer art software question

Any suggestion for a 2d art program for my 14 year old daughter to experiment with? Looking for as she describes it "Something like paint but so you can do allot more cool stuff".

She is a very talented artist and I'd like to encourage her to get into computer graphics.

Free: Gimp

Non-Free: Photoshop is a good choice, but expensive. Paint Shop Pro is decent and much cheaper.

Try and get her a wacom tablet. Best gift ever for a artist in training.

See here.

I second The GIMP. And I agree with Ghastly's notes on PS and PSP. Honestly, the gimp does most of the stuff that the other two do. Try it out, and if she wants more, look into one of the non-free ones.

Sorry for dragging this thread back from the dead, but it's a perfect title for what I want to share (and still on-topic):

Tour of open source creative art tools (2d, 3d, audio, video, etc.):

I'm told GIMP is also rather complex and has a lot of menus upon menus. You might want to start with Paint.NET. I believe it is also tablet compatible.

The GIMP is probably the single best example I have for how badly open source software can suck, interface-wise.