NHL Game Help

Great title, I know, but it cuts right to the point. I want to create a team in an NHL game and play it in a dynasty mode. I want all of the features that a dynasty mode has with the ability to play with my own team, logo and all. I want to finish with a horrible record, get the top draft pick, pick a franchise player, and entice a few stupid free agents to sign with me only to marginally improve the next year enough to keep the fans (me) interested. Does any game do this? NHL '05 has a create-at-team mode that is useless but a pretty cool franchise mode. I've never tried the 2k games. The only game that even seems to have an expansion mode was NHL2000 with the Atlanta Thrasher. Is there any hope for my dream?

I think Eastside Hockey Manager might allow this, but it's a text-based sim, so YMMV.

I think the 2K games allow something similar to this, although none of the console games offer the level of detail you're asking for.

I'm not necessarily looking for a console NHL game (I prefer the PC) but I'm not sure I'd be able to get into a text-based game.