All dreams eventually come to an end... *NSFW In Cake Form!*

It was mighty tasty. Stylez and I both start at Best Buy tomorrow and while I can't speak for him, I'm terrified. I've already found out today that while they were able to maintain my days off, they backed out of their promise to even try and maintain the same work hours I had before. It just burns me that they've either not kept many of their promises or sprung new stuff on me after I signed the offer letter accepting this new job. I've no doubt they were aware that if they'd told me all this up front, I would've asked for severance instead. If anyone knows of any IT jobs available in the Ottawa area, I'll gladly entertain almost anything at this point. If they break many more promises, I may make what they call an "HR issue" out of this and see if they'll re-visit my offer letter. I'd almost take the risk of having to make the severance last until I can find another job rather than continue to tolerate this.

Always get the promises in writing with the offer letter. I know it doesn't help right now, but for the future.