Another web hosting thread

Hi folks,

I'm getting a little fed up with my current web host's "service improvements", and I want to switch. So I wanted to ping you all for recommendations.

Something in a bare-bones, < $5/mo range would suit me just fine; I have no special requirements, just simple web page, POP and webmail. GoDaddy seems to fit the bill, but I know nothing about them; same for Dotster. Price and reasonable service are the primary criteria for me.

Any recommendations (and horror stories) appreciated.

I know quite a few folks that have had good results with GoDaddy. Personally I've done a lot of sites with More important than anything is the fact that I can ALWAYS get a tech support guy on the phone who is smart, competent, and useful within minutes.

Nobody's perfect. Everyone gets the occasional outage. But hostdime's been my bet.

I found to be pretty helpful when I switched hosts last year.

Anyone have a suggestion for a hosting company that runs mod_python? I will follow up on the suggestions from rabbit and Fripper when I get the chance, but I'm throwing this in there while I can. has had fantastic uptime, service response and rates, IMO. They just don't do mod_python, which is causing me some grief.

I've used JaguarPC for years and have had no complaints. Service response time is usually under 30 minutes. Check out the above feature list to see if its what you need.

I've recently started up with, and haven't had any problems.

I use and haven't had any issues in months, when they had two days of downtime for server and PHP upgrading.