GWJ CTProfiles password

Hey guys, just wondering if anyone remembers what the GWJ password is for CTProfiles? I'm trying to get myself listed as part of the guild, but it requires a password, which I don't have the foggiest of what it could be. If anyone remembers, could you post it so others can post their profiles? Thanks a lot.

BTW here's my profile if anyone was interested

Well since peecaboo is the only member, I suggest you ask her.

Personally I like the allakazham one, since it automatically collects your info whenever you play a character, and after that you just upload it it.

Hehe, I tried to list myself as a guild member too and just gave up! I'm sure Peccaboo will share the password.

Don't ever take up a career in hacking or anti-hacking guys.

Try 'GWJ' - there's what I can remember

Thanks for the password... I updated my profile. This last weekends MC raid was extremely good to me, I got two items that I really wanted (Gloves of Hypnotic Flame and Talisman of Ephemeral Power) and I'm looking forward to dishing out some damage in the future. Now I just have to start working off my point debt.

Also, if anyone in the guild sees someone selling an Azure Idol, I need one more for my Band of Vaulted Secrets. Please let me know in game (Sigholt) if you come across anybody with one.

Hee, yeah, the evil duck done broke my nefarious password plans.

Sorry guys, I thought I posted that somewhere.