Tech guru needed: Pest Patrol installation issues

Ok, I'm a tech at a GeekSquad here in Ottawa, and lately I've been pushing a lot of Pest Patrol sales on my customers (it's a fantastic product that works on "magic".). Anyways, we've run into a really wierd issue that neither me nor another senior tech can figure out.

If you log into any user besides the one that installed it, it says ppctl.dll is damaged and cannot be repaired because you do not have sufficient privileges...

Again this error only occurs if you log into any account other than the original installer's account.

The workaround we found is by manually editing the offending registry entry's permissions to accept all users, deleting the permissions (if you do not edit the entries for permissions the entries show as damaged). I don't know if there's any other techs on this board who are familiar with the software but the internet seems to be a void for information on this topic. Any ideas are appreciated

I'm not familiar with that problem in particular but I use a tool at work called RegDACL that can edit registry files via the command line so you can script them, this way you can make a batch file on CD to run for the perms you need to alter.

The free version will let you do everything locally and the pay version will allow you do make changes remotely but if you know how to use PSEXEC you can get around that easy enough.

I can post some sample scripts if you want when I get home.

Getting back to the original question, it sounds like the program isn't installing for 'all users'. Some programs will prompt you at the beginning of install if you want to install it for everyone on that PC or just the current user. If it's an MSI there is a switch to make it install for everyone I think, I'll have to look in my notes.

Edit - Found it, run:
msiexec /i your-msi-path-and-file-name.msi allusers=1

awsome Eezy I'll give that a shot