If you could have one unreleased PC game RIGHT NOW, what would it be?

kyrieee wrote:
AUs_TBirD wrote:

Shogo M.A.D. 2

I don't think that counts since it's probably not in development. I would really like to see that game though, but I'm not sure the Monolith of today would make it into what I want.

Well, I think it falls into the "announced, unannounced, or rumored" criteria. The original ended with a message stating a desire to make a sequel and Monolith has dropped Shogo easter eggs into several of its other games over the years.

Also: a new, GOOD Carmageddon.

I'd like to play The Book of 8, a take on the Sleeping Beauty myth from the makers of The Path. If nothing else, the Tumblr stream for it is fascinating (and sometimes NSFW).

CCP's World of Darkness (assuming it isn't just WoW with vampires and also assuming it has a decent community).