PC Case Fan/Vent Filters?

On a case I've had the last eight months I put the four fan filters in that came with it, two in the front and two in the side. I've cleaned the two in the front twice and today while changing out a failed drive cleaned all four.

The inside of the case was cleaner, as in no dust bunnies but remembering to clean the filters is the pain in the butt.

Does anyone have any opinions/theories or stories on the use of non-use of these type of filters?

Can you give a link for the filters you use?

I wasn't even aware that filters for those fans existed. I always just vacuum out the whole inside of the case whenever I open it up.

My Lian Li case came with the filters that's the only reason I've used them, I'll see if I can find them on the web or just take pics when I get home.

Mine look totally different than these but here are some I found in a quick google. Mine look more like a + the screws don't go through them, the pegs that hold in my fans are longer to hold them in place sandwiched between the fan and fan holder/case depending on the location. My front fans have a whole assembly per fan that holds the fan and filter together where as the sides are just sandwiched. I'll take pics like I said.

I understand the rationale behind having filters on my intake fans, but I don't really like 'em. Cleaning them is a pain, and when they're dirty they restrict the incoming airflow. I haven't taken them off my front intake fans yet, mostly because getting to the actual fans requires taking almost the entire case apart, but if I could I would.

Maybe I live dangerously. Who knows. I've never had parts die because of dust.

Mine are pretty easy to get to but, yeah, that was what I was aiming for. I've had machines for years that smelled bad because of dust but not die because of it.