New PALM owner - Apps I need?

Well, I am the proud owner of my 1st PDA, a Palm Tungsten E2.
($168 bucks, a good deal!)

For those in the know, what apps do I need (want?) with my new business item(/toy)?

TCPMP - The core pocket media player. It plays all media and is free.

Makes my treo into a portable entertainment center.

I'm actually more of a Ptunes fan, but they are both great. With ptunes on my treo, I can actually listen to the NPR stream all day long if I'm travelling.

If you want a game, Bike or Die is pretty fun, and I have bejeweled as well (although I have a PSP so I don't think of my treo as a game/video platform).

Virtually all the other apps I have installed are phone/net based, so not gonna help you a lot (but, for the record, they're verichat, mergicVPN, KeyGtime+.