GwJ and IE7 Beta 3

So just out of curiosity, I decided to download the beta 3 of IE7. It has some things I would like to see incorporated into Firefox, but one thing that did surprise me was how screwed up it displays GwJ. So I'm wondering, is it just my version, or does this happen with everyone that might be giving it a try? If it's everyone, is it because IE7 is inherently bad at rendering pages, or is there something non-standard about the way GwJ's is put together?

I'm betting on IE7 being inherently bad, but I never was good at gambling....

IE7 Beta 2 had the same problem -- getting something like the screenshot in that thread?

Exactly that. Big fonts. Weird spacings.

It will also break your Outlook or Outlook Express downloading of Hotmail/MSN, I had to uninstall after that.