Syncing files and folders?

Here I am again looking for another IT goodjer recommendation. This time I need something better than briefcase that can also sync folders and all files inside a directory. This particular client has a laptop she takes home to work from and would like to sync all files to her desktop at her store. Breifcase won't sync newly created folders as it recognizes them as a orphan. Any thoughts? I took a look at rsync but thats Unix only.

I haven't used this but you might give alwayssync a try.

I've evaluated several for my personal and business use. SyncBackSE seems to be the best (and one of the cheapest at $25 for a five computer personal license) in the affordable synchronization software realm. It can be run manually, scheduled, or triggered.

Depending on what you're trying to achieve, FolderShare is a great free program. It syncs in realtime. I use it to keep several defined folders synced between several computers, namely My Documents, my Firefox profile, and a no-install utility directory.

My buddy is a Netware guru so I use iFolder running off his servers, perfect replication between my home, work, laptop, you name it. I believe Netware is going the linux route, so if you have an extra box lying around and are inclined to set this up, it's an amazing service.