Intel based Mac Books

Does anyone know anywhere Canadian to get good deals on these? A friend of mine is looking to purchase one and the mac store prices for upgrading ram and hard drives are even crazier than Dell.

Just don't buy the ram or HD upgrades from Apple. You can get perfect ram for your macbook from Crucial (they ship to Canada, right?) and pick up a normal notebook harddrive from, well anywhere. User upgrades on the Macbook are incredibilly easy, too.

Because it is not my system and I wouldn't want to ruin any warranties on the laptop I would feel more comfortable just finding a place he can get the system with pretty much all he needs straight out of the box.

Do the usual places like Mac Mall ship to Canada? I would check out Club Mac, Mac Connection and Mac Mall and see if they do. They're all authorized resellers with a decent reputation and usually will have better deals than straight from Apple.