PDF maker?

Anyone know of a good program to make pdf documents? It would be nice if it would integrate with office. We use FoxIt for viewing PDF files since that is both, fast, small, and free. Any advice is appreciated in a alternative to Adobe's stuff.

I'm sure there's better ones out there, but I've been using PDF995 for years now. It sets up a distiller like printer and pops up an ad (for their own products) during the conversion process.

Open Office will let you save as a PDF. Coupled with its ability to accurately open most any MS Office file, it'll do what you need.

I'll second the recommendation for pdf995, if open office isn't your bag this is the way to go.

el_dino wrote:

I use this.


Same here. Recommend it to anyone who cares to listen at work.
Open Source. Installs like a Printer. Has worked great for a large number of people I work with.

It's in my tech toolkit.

Rezzy wrote:

It's in my tech toolkit.

...and now also in the IT toolkit thread.

We use Jaws PDF creator at work. Does the same thing, but requires a license. We've had one for years (or so they tell me), and it works just fine.

But I'd go for open-source whenever possible.