WoW Fire Resist Guide

Hello all-

I posted this to the SGA forum in hopes of helping people get outfitted with fire resist gear for Ragnaros. It sort of focuses on mages/priests/warlocks, but take a look at the rings/cloaks/trinkets and the enchants section if you don't meet that criteria, hopefully it'll still help.

Welcome to the the SGA fire resist gear guide! Please note that this is not a definitive list by any means, so please chime in if you have something of note.

Okay, the first thing we need to realize is how resists work. If you don't know already, follow this link and educate yourself:

So know that we know the numbers behind resistances, the question remains - how do we get there? Two ways - enchants and gear. Here's a few suggested enchants to get (please post if you are an enchanter who can do either of these, or know of others).


Flame Mantle of the Dawn (5 to Shoulder):
- Revered with the Argent Dawn
- 10 Argent Dawn Valor Tokens
- 9 gold

This is an easy enchant to get provided you've run Strat/Scholo a few times in your WoW career... it's also quite important given the lack of of attainable shoulder items with fire resist built-in. Right now it's immensely easy to get rep from AD... go farm those Scourge Invasion areas. With a mage or two in your group, a healer, and an epic mount, you can gather almost the entire shard and aoe them for 5 rep per mob. The shadows of doom give you 50 rep, and all of the mobs have a chance to drop scourgestones. So get out there and save Azeroth and earn yourself an enchant while you do it.

Enchant Cloak - Greater Resistance (5):
- 2 Lesser Eternal Essence
- 1 Heart of Fire
- 1 Core of Earth
- 1 Globe of Water
- 1 Breath of Wind
- 1 Ichor of Undeath

Cheap and easy, slap this on your fire resist cloak for a little extra boost.

Enchant Cloak - Greater Fire Resistance (15):
- 3 Nexus Crystal
- 8 Large Brilliant Shards
- 4 Essence of Fire

Not so cheap, but you may want to consider it if you have one of the better epic cloaks like the Onyxia Scale or Fireproof Cloaks.

Lesser Arcanum of Resilience (+20 FR to Head/Leg):
- Libram of Resilience
- 1 Burning Essence (BRD Coffers)
- 1 Black Diamond
- 4 Crystal Spire (Un'Goro)
- 30 gold

If you have some great FR item for your head or legs and the cash lying around, I'd suggest this. The only problem is getting the Libram for a cheap enough price; you might want to let your guildies know that you want this, you might be able to get their help.


Please note that the items on this list are geared towards everything that squishes... mages, locks, and priests. Locks and priests, just replace the Arcanist item with the appropriate Felheart or Prophecy item; the resist number should be the same. The rings, trinkets, cloaks, etc. should apply to everyone, however. Perhaps I'll focus on a leather, chain, and plate guide in the future, but I'm really not all that familiar with that gear. If you'd like to add to this, just take a few minutes and go through thott while by using the search function.

Another thing to note is that I didn't include items that were unattainable to the SGA. You may know about some nice FR items from BWL, Kazzak, etc., but since the SGA has is not capable of this yet, I left them out. This includes most Tier 2 items as well.

A word of caution - when deciding to outfit yourself for FR gear, don't discount your other stats. Some of these items (like the Wizardweave) are greens with no other stats, which could hurt you more then help. You may want to put one green in your FR gear, but don't include them all. You may also want to get some nice enchants on your FR gear once it's completed.

In order to make the gear guide slightly more user-friendly, I've indicated how much FR the item has after it's name, plus the mob that drops it and it's location. So if you want to find everything that drops in BRD before a BRD run, just search for BRD and note those mobs. Or if you want to outfit yourself from the AH, just look for those items that are BOE. Take a look.


- Wizardweave Turban (18) - Tailoring Recipe, BOE
- Fire Goggles (17) - Engineering Level 205
- Goblin Construction Helmet (15) - Engineering 205
(Use: Absorbs 300-500 Fire Damage)
- Eye of Flame (15) - World Drop, BOE
- Circle of Flame (15) - Ambassador Flamelash, BRD
- Arcanist Crown (10 - Garr, MC
- Starfire Tiara (10) - Jed Runewatcher, UBRS (Rare Spawn)

- Drakefire Amulet (15) - Quest Reward (Onyxia Key)
- Elder Magus Pendant (10) - Magister Kalendris, DM
- Necklace of Sanctuary (10) - Quest Reward, Blasted Lands
- Emberfury Talisman (7) - Pyroguard Emberseer, UBRS

- Flarecore Mantle (24) - Crafted, BOE

- Wildfire Cape (20) - Pyroguard Emberseer, UBRS
- Fireproof Cloak (18) - Majordomo, MC
- Onyxia Scale Cloak (16) - Crafted, BOE
- Cape of the Fire Salamander (12) - Abassador Flamelash, BRD
- Smokey's Drape (10) - Quest Reward, EPL
- Mageflame Cloak (10) - World Drop, BOE
Chromatic Cloak (9) - Crafted, BOE

- Wizardweave Robe (18) - Crafted, BOE
- Flarecore Robes (15) - Crafted, BOE
- Arcanist Robes (10) - Golemagg, MC
- Funeral Pyre Vestment (10) - World Drop, BOE
- Elemental Raiment (5) - World Drop, BOE

- Incendic Bracers (14) - Lord Incendius, BRD
- Flarecore Wraps (7) - Crafted, BOE
- Flameweave Cuffs (10) - Lord Incendius, BRD
(Has random attribute, some of which are quite nice)

- Arcanist Gloves (7) - Shazzrah, MC
- Flarecore Gloves (25) - Crafted, BOE

- Arcanist Belt (10) - MC Drop, BOE

- Flarecore Leggings (16) - Crafted, BOE
- Skullsmoke Pants (10) - Vectus, Scholo
- Wizardweave Leggings (16) - Crafted, BOE

- Fire Striders (15) - Balnazzar, Live Strat
- Dragonrider Boots (10) - Rend, UBRS

- Jasper Link of Fire Resistance (19-20) - World Drop, BOE
- Dimly Opalescent Ring of Fire Resistance (17) - Scholo Bosses
- Tidal Loop (15) - Quest Reward, Hydraxian Waterlords
(Everyone should get this one)
- Elemental Circle (10) - Quest Reward, Dead Strat
- Dragonslayer's Signet (10) - Quest Reward, Onyxia
- Ring of Binding (10) - Onyxia
- Seal of the Archmagus (6) - Geddon, MC

- Blazing Emblem (15) - World Drop, BOE
- Royal Seal of Eldre'Thalas (10) - Quest Reward, DM
- Ward of the Elements (8) - Quest Reward, BRD
- Smoking Heart of the Mountain (7) - Encanting 265

- Elemental Mage Staff (20) - World Drop, BOE
- Kindling Stave (10) - Pyromancer Loregrain, BRD
- Alcor's Sunrazor (10) - World Drop, BOE

- Skull of Burning Shadows (15) - Maleki the Pallid, Dead Strat
- Magmus Stone (15) - Magmus, BRD
- Father Flame (10) - Father Flame, UBRS
- Magebane Scion (10) - Quest Reward, EPL
- Basilisk Bone (6) - World Drop, BOE

- Crimson Shocker (10) - MC Boss Drop
- Torch of Austen (10) - World Drop, BOE
- Flaming Incinerator (8) - Hydromancer Velratha, ZF (BOE)

Whew. If you know of something that's missing and would like it added, just post it below. I also challenge some of you with better knowledge of your classes to set up gear guides for armor and weapons. Hopefully this helps someone and we can take down Rag soon!

Now that you are getting hot and heavy into the endgame stuff here's a site you might find infinitely usefull. Not only does it have all the mob goodies but it's got a breakout for all the classes as well.

It's even helpful if your on the way up and are looking for the very best gear.

This is terribly useful, can we get this added to a book or a sticky or whatever it is we call them here?