Indie Game Alert: Armadillo Run

Here's my dollar amounts so far, spoiler tagged:

Lup's dollar totals wrote:

1) 42
2) 106
3) 100
4) 72
5) 188
6) 156
7) 342
8) 84
9) 276
10) 60
11) 334
12) 232
13) 90
14) 18
15) 216
16) 164
17) 486
18) 56
19) 0
20) 48
21) 148
22) 60
23) 454
24) 20
25) 200
26) 24
27) 78
28) 20
29) 10
30) 86
31) 34
32) 438
33) 26
34) 19
35) 248
36) 332
37) 152
38) 930
39) 400
40) 216
41) 730
42) 232
43) 32
44) 544
45) 132
46) 208
47) 830
48) 180
49) 144
50) 18

I haven't really optimized all my solutions, but it might provide a helpful hint or two.

I bought the game because of this thread. Terrific, addicitive game! I love tweaking the extra dollar out of a solution and comparing level solutions with friends.

I was finally able to come up with a solution to post on the website's leaderboard (which for the most part is ridiculously out of reach). I feel awesome.

I'm still having fun with this, mostly because I can only find the time to play in short spurts. At this rate, I'll be playing for months...

My little set of maps finally made it up on the Armadillo Run site. The Pisa set is pretty good.

Is this available in stores, or for online order only? I don't have a credit card so I can't really buy it unless they accept a Paypal balance.

As far as I know, available online only. They do accept PayPal.

This was mentioned on the Escapist Radio Program today. Luckily I had a slow work day, so I downloaded the Demo and Loved it. Then I bought the full version and Loved it some more. Now I'm bumping this thread because it is THAT good.


If you haven't checked it out yet you really really should.

I bought this about a month ago. I echo the sentiments of this thread, awesome fun unique game. It's well worth the price.

I was a little sad when I saw the game has been out a while, but he only had like a 200 paypal rating at the time I paid, meaning he's only sold 200 copies of the game, was hoping it would succeed greatly.

If that's the case then GWJ is a chunk of his customers. That can't be right, there's too many people on the forums there and at Eurogamer to be that low.

Well I just checked and it's now at 400ish. I'm pretty sure that paypal is the only way he accepts payment. But I just read that number only counts Verified paypal members, so maybe he has a big chunk of Unverified customers.

Vrikk wrote:

Is this available in stores, or for online order only? I don't have a credit card so I can't really buy it unless they accept a Paypal balance.

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