nVidia Card & DVD playback problem

I have an MSI Starforce GE Force 5700 128 MB video card that I'm having problems with working with my DVD software (I think).

My screen and display (for DVD playback) used to be fine until I installed an nVidia Driver upgrade about three months ago; since then, whenever I use the DVD player the colors are all wrong and blotchy to boot.

I have tried installing an older driver and also tried rolling back the "bad" driver without success. Any other ideas? I'm running a celeron cpu & windows 2000. All of my display uses are fine; it's just the DVD- and it's whether I user PoweerDVD, Windows Media or RealPlayer to run the DVD.

Thanks in advance for any ideas.

I find it strange that you mention "installing an older driver" and using XP's rollback feature while the very first course of action should be going to "Add/Remove programs" and uninstalling "NVidia Display Drivers", which uninstall both the driver and the proprietary control panels properly.

As for your current predicament, I would advise going somewhere like www.guru3d.com and looking for the latest and greatest Driver Killer/Cleaner utility.