Nice Samsung 46" DLP at Amazon for $12XX free ship

Nice TV.. 720P HDMI X 2 inputs.. plus a PC DB15 input for PC gaming at 1280X720.

Good price from a good retailer.. plus you get free shipping.

Good HD set for Xbox 360 owners.. and it has cable card support.

Oh, you evil punk. So..tempted..

muhahaha my job is done here.

so nice it got posted twice?

very tempting indeed

I see the price as

12 used & new available from $1,369.99

$100 rebate

As the owner of a 50" Sammy DLP, I highly recommend them. At ~$1300 you can't afford not to buy one!

You are an evil bastard. I am trying to justify to my bank account now why I should buy this TV. No. I said, no, I don't need it. Yeah. That'll work nicely.

There are awesome prices on the bigger TV's like this all the time.

I would have bought one myself except that the only thing I could fit in the space I have for a TV is a flatscreen.