My new digital baby - laptop porn inside (56k nah!)

I decided to break down and get a laptop after a lot of thought and research. A Dell deal came up on the XPS M1710 so I decided to take the plunge.

I havent had a laptop since 1997, my tiny Toshiba Libretto CT50 - 75MHz Pentium 1 and a 6" screen - FTW!


I'm extremely impressed with the build quality, and this sucker seems pretty solid. I ran it through the 3DMark05 gauntlet and it scores 3,200 higher than my current desktop so I'm a bit stoked to try out some new games that I've missed during my Xbox 360 hiatus.

I have Oblivion, but is there anything else I should run to test out some good eye candy? FEAR worth a shot? Any good RTS kind of stuff?

Here's some money shots:



Nice backpack. Very sturdy with some great back support. A nice bonus.



My fuel there on the left. Kept me up till 2am last night. It was worth it



CD case and ah.. er.. bag? For.. uh.. bagging things?

How much did it cost you?

$2,400 CDN + tax

It's the T2400 (1.83GHz DualCore), 7900GTX (Upgrade), 1GB DDR2-667, 60GBHD, as well as the 3 Year Complete/Accidental Damage Warranty. There was a deal a couple weeks ago (might still be on) for Dell Canada - $500 off the base price, and for another $279 they upgraded the 7900GS 256 to a 7900GTX 512 as well as threw in another battery.

I got 8207 in 3DMark05, but some people on Notebookforums have been OC'ing it to a stable 9700 with no artifacts/heat issues.

Nice rig, im jealous. As for RTS I would definitely give Rise of Legends a shot, it can put a hurtin on a pc with the graphics turned up. It's a great looking game.

Hot damn, 8207 in 3DMark05! Pretty impressive. So how's the noise on this beast?

Not noisy at all. I haven't put it through any stress tests yet but I can barely even tell it's on other than the DVD drive making some accessing noises. Makes my Shuttle SFF sound like an actual shuttle There's a couple of fans on the bottom with some clearance room and a couple on the side and front where the lights are, but the thing is super quiet. The keyboard area is starting to get a bit warm now after a couple hours, but it's not too bad so far.

Have you gotten it uber-hot yet? My dell laptop (presario 8600 I think) gets like nuclear hot on the bottom if its running something intense enough. The paint is even peeling off of the hard drive cover because of the heat.

I have no other complaints about the machine though. It almost runs Oblivion. Maybe it actually will once I install the patch tonight.

Moving to tech!

Give Heroes of Might and Magic 5 and Rise of Legends a shot for the graphic beefyness. Also Dawn of War is both cheap and very pretty.

Thanks Edwin, I'll give those a shot. I see you guys playing RoL a lot so I'm assuming it's a pretty kick ass game

Quite kick ass. Focus on RoL and Dawn of War. You won't be sorry!

Nice machine. I've been very pleased with the Dell laptop I bought in March '05 (Inspiron 6000). Sturdy, held up well being carried to and from campus every day.

Nice Swat! I picked up a m170 (just before they went extinct apparently) with a 7800GTX and have been totally happy with it. The screen is nothing short of draw jopping. 1920x1200 in WoW or BF2 looks incredible. My only complaint with them is they didn't make the keyboard full sized.

But, yeah? What's up with that bag?