I need to translate/convert nif files - is this really a game file extension?

Once again, I suspect this community could be of help in an unexpected capacity.

I have had to recover some medical images from a hard drive (and when I say "I", I mean the idiot who deleted them without backing them up). The idiot/genius who has finally accomplished this is giving them to me in *.nif format. I googled that and found it was a format from Morrowind??! Also that it was an OS2 file format awhile back. Also that it was an old format used for images by Navy hardware. Given that the images were produced by a 15yr old fluoroscope, could anyone here hazard a guess as to which type of nif files these are, and how to view them?

Try this link.

It has Navy Image File Format listed on the page, as well as several others. Not much more info than that. I found that by using Google and NIF file format as the search.

yeah, I found that page also. Not sure what to make of things from there.

Well, since they're image files, have you tried to open them in any image viewer?

yep, but Quicktime, Adobe, and Microsoft products don't recognize them. I'm increasingly convinced these are Navy Image Files given their age and source (I know the gaming image viewers don't recognize them, so I doubt they're the Morrowind kind of .nif files).

Have you tried Irfanview? It's got support for almost every image file format under the sun.

apparently Hijaak will read .NIF as well. (the navy version, but it's ~$100)

I don't suppose you have a "sample" that we could DL and play with do you?

Also how did you get the images in the first place, and how did you view them? it might be simpler to find the original software you had to view them (I take it at some point in time you could actually view these right?)

BTW NIF are a type of CAL raster images... not sure if that is going to help or not, but there is it.

Apparently it's also called NIFF or CALS Raster Type 3, and it's very similar to TIFF. The linked page includes some source code for decoding the file. Hope this helps!

Isn't NIF also used for ISO images - Nero Information File or somesuch?

sorry, stepped away for a bit. The equipment technician who "deleted" the images from the hard drive was told it was imperative he recover them. A data recovery expert got them back, burned onto a CD as *.nif files. The technician was sure he could convert them to jpeg, but apparently has the same level (or less) expertise as me in this area, so couldn't do so. He is contacting the maker of the fluoroscope to see if they have conversion software. The company has been bought three times over since this machine was made, so I don't know if this is going to work.

I'd be happy to download a file, but I'm afraid I don't know how to do it for the website. Suggestions?

www.yousendit.com or via email.

Hijaak Pro.

That page gives all the file types it can read, including the Navy Image file format. The image viewer has a free trial download (here), so I'd start there just to make sure. If it works, there's 14 file formats you can convert the image to, including bmp's and jpg's.

Good luck.

Thank you gentlemen, I'll give it a shot when I hit the office tomorrow.