Downloading contacts from your phone

I have a Sanyo PM-8200. I need to get all the phone numbers off of it and onto a computer. What software will do this for me? I'm about to give up and start copying this stuff by hand. I am a sad monkey.

So far I've found a program called FutureDial Snap Media, and a program called DataPilot. Either should work OK, as long as you have the cable to hook the phone to your computer.




Honestly though, it'll be a whole lot cheaper to do this by hand.

I think you need something like this. I'm in no way vouching for this particular company, it's just the first one that came up in a Google search.

Do you already have a USB cable to link the phone to your PC? If you do, perhaps there's some kind of freeware/shareware software we can find.

On a related subject -- fLoat Mobile Agent this is why I am sticking to Sony Ericsson phones with Bluetooth and IrDA.

I haven't tried this program yet, but when I did a search for my phone Samsung a660 it popped up on the search and it seems to be free. Now I just have to wait for my usb cable to show up and give it a whirl.

Thanks for all the tips, guys. I eventually caved and entered them all in by hand. My new phone is a Treo, so I was able to punch them all into my desktop PC and sync them into the phone after that. I think I'm going to investigate Gaald's suggestion, however, since I still have camera-phone pics held captive in the PM-8200.