PCWorld's 25 Worst Tech Products of All Time

The 25 Worst Tech Products of All Time

Pretty interesting read.

And number one is .... AOL. DUH!!! Please tell me that GWJers are intelligent enough to not be using this.

Some even work for them. Or at least used to.

Interesting read, although I had never heard of some of those things. I think I'm glad that is the case now.

Edwin wrote:

Some even work for them. Or at least used to.

Let the records state that even though "they" may have worked for them, "they" never installed the software on "their" machine. "They" knew better.

Oh no, I even played with some of these horrible things. A CueCat. A RAM "expander". A Microsoft Bob. A RealPlayer. It builds character.

I'm all for AOL. It means I don't have to do tech support on the phone for my parents.

The one about Lion King made me laugh out loud:

The Article wrote:

Few products get accused of killing Christmas for thousands of kids, but that fate befell Disney's first CD-ROM for Windows. The problem: The game relied on Microsoft's new WinG graphics engine, and video card drivers had to be hand-tuned to work with it, says Alex St. John [...]

In late 1994, Compaq released a Presario whose video drivers hadn't been tested with WinG. When parents loaded the Lion King disc into their new Presarios on Christmas morning, many children got their first glimpse of the Blue Screen of Death.

Emphasis mine.

Great read

I think I was a sucker for SoftRam back in the day. And the Zip Drive.

There was actually one memory compressor product which was officially proven to sort of actually compress memory. I forgot the name though.