Looking For A Good Local System Admin Tool

I've got some computers that are not part of a network (or on the internet for that matter) that essentially need to run a single program with all the regular windows system functions and additional programs invisible or inaccessible. Some are windows 2000 machines but the rest are XP.

Any suggestions? I vaguely recall using some piece of software or built-in method in the distant past but my Google-fu has failed me.

Depending on the functions that program exposes you could just run it as the shell. You could also use the Local Security Policy to lock things down.

I've been digging through Local Security Policy and I'm not really seeing where I could lock down or remove things like "My Computer", the control panel and Start Menu programs for select users. Am I missing something? Tutorials I've found don't seem to indicate that kind of functionality.

Under the User Configuration/Admin Templates look for these:
Control Panel - Prohibit access to the Control Panel
Desktop - Remove properties from the My Computer context menu and/or
Desktop - Remove My Computer from the desktop

The desktop area also has places to stop the properties for the video/screen saver/background as well.

The start menu you can either move out the items from all users start menu to the admins start menu (so you can use them) or just remove the items you don't want them to have.

Of course make a local user account with only USER rights so they can't muck anything (you can probably just make it autologin too so no ctrl-alt-del for the users).

EDIT - Also they may be worded different between the XP and Win2K versions of LGP.

Awesome, I'll check it out!